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Indian food is famous for its perfect harmony of spices. In fact, India is one of the biggest exporters of spices. Besides tickling your taste buds, spices possess incredible medicinal properties, which can curb hunger, boost metabolism and can fight inflammations. In addition, spices boost nutritional value of the food and are a great agent of preservation. Therefore, it is an essential choice to go organic while buying spices.

However, one thing that we forget while buying spices is that are they safe. It has been a topic of great debate that conventionally produced spices are more harmful than being useful. Each day we consume plateful of chemicals, which are leading us to health problems and lifestyle disorders like cancer, obesity, digestion problems etc.

What makes conventionally produced spices harmful?

There are several reasons, as the conventionally produced spices contain more negative qualities than positive. These spices are chemically treated, which once consumed can affect our body metabolism.

Dirt, insects, yeasts, pathogens etc contaminates spices while drying. This is the reason behind the chemical sterilization process adopted by conventional spice producers. A toxic sterilizing agent ethylene oxide, which is carcinogenic, is highly used in sterilizing spices.

Irradiation is another hazardous process adapted for sterilizing spices. In this process, the spices pass through radiation chamber on conveyer belt. The harmful chemicals used in this process can prove to be lethal for human consumption.

Points to keep in mind while buying spices

  1. Invest in organic spices.Organic spices do not contain pesticides, which are harmful for your health. The organic spices are non-irradiated. Besides, organic spices do not contain harmful colorings, preservatives, and GMOs.

  1. Go organic to cook nutritious meal.The conventionally produced spices are a cocktail of chemicals. Do not serve harmful chemical concoctions on dinner table. Instead, invest in reliable organic spices. Several studies have shown that organic spices(http://www.joybynature.com/collections/whole-spices) increase the nutritional value of the food. Besides, spices are storehouses of benefit. Organic ones are more effective.

  1. Make place for organic spices in your pantry. Spices are beneficial only when they are fresh. So do not buy in bulk. Instead, buy in small amount that would last for a few months. The fresher the spice, healthier they are. Begin by replacing old conventionally produced spices with healthier organic spices each week, with every new recipe you prepare.

  1. Support the organic farmers by buying organic spices. Organic farming is a new wave in India, which is trying to end the use of harmful chemicals in farming practices. This is beneficial for the consumers as well as for the sustenance of nature. Therefore, be a part of your own well-being as well as restore the environment.

Therefore, choose a nutritious meal with organic spices that will ensure a healthy and happy living. For more information, click here.


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