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The type of diversity in India is surprising. It never ceases to amaze us. With difference in diversity comes the difference in people. Everyone is different from another in some way or the other. So are their skin types and problems. The dermatologists have basically divided our skin types in the following-

  1. Normal skin
  2. Oily skin
  3. Dry skin
  4. Sensitive skin
  5. Ageing skin
  6. Irritated dry skin
  7. Combination skin

No matter what, even with the type of skins, everyone is beautiful and perfect in their own way. Yet, we as humans feel the need to classify and understand things. With the different types of skins come different issues. There are so many skin related problems that people are facing every day.

  • Dry Skin-

Dry skin can feel patchiness, dull and rough complexion, and visible lines. If you have dry skin then winters are the worst seasons for you. Thinking about summers is no better. Your skin is always peeling off, cracked and causing irritation. Itchiness is sometimes uncontrollable and thus you feel the need to rub your ankles, hands, arms, legs, nose, and slowly the over whelming feeling of itchiness takes over your body, giving you sensations that are totally out of control.

Some factors that affect your skin are hormonal changes, aging, UV radiation, long baths and showers, sun, wind, cold and even genetic factors.

Few moisturizers are in a wide variety which helps to soften up your skin. It treats the damaged skin and leaves it rejuvenated. The dryness and patchiness can be soon seen fading. The natural ingredients help your skin to shine and give a long lasting effect. The variety of vitamins reveals a skin that is more perfect than ever.

  • Oily Skin -

Oily skin is a type of skin which produces oil. It makes all the dirt around you to stick on your body and face. Oiliness changes according to weather and time. It usually causes enlarged oil pores, blackheads, pimples and blemishes. Teens are seen to have oily skin, so, they are prone to acne.

Oiliness usually gets worse by puberty, Heat and usage of wrong products. To take care of one's skin we recommend you to use skin moisturizes in winters. They have the perfect balance of oil and vitamins required for your skin. They control your oil pores and help in reducing acne.

If you get prone to acne, we have other solutions for you. The 'neem' base purifying creams you help you to glow. They are made up of natural ingredients, thus causing no side effects or other harmful effects on your skin.

The blemish free cream available in market is within your reach at reasonable price and with effective results.  Now, the Sun has no more effect on your skin. Apply small quantity of this cream and be care-free. The antioxidant present in the cream tightens the skin pore and disables more dirt to enter it.

  • Sensitive Skin-

If your skin is easily vulnerable to skin problems or products then you surely have a sensitive skin. You suffer from itching, burning, dryness, redness, pimples, pigmentation and what not. This makes you feel uncomfortable?

Wash your face with refreshing natural ingredients that do not harm your skin in any way.  The variety of face washes helps you in avoiding pollution. Let acne not hinder your confidence level and the blemish free skin shine. Using these face wash twice a day and daily will surely bring a positive effect on your skin. Try it now!

 Also, our wide broad spectrum sunscreen blocks both UVA and UVB rays. It keeps your skin hydrated and do not cause allergy. The moister balance on your skin will remain perfect avoiding the appearance of pimples.

  • Aging Skin -

Your skin looks older than you? Then definitely it will make you look older too. Due to excessive use of makeup, your skin starts aging faster. It is unable to heal and thus makes you old.

Try this all-new anti-aging creams and serums. They light enough to be applied for all they long. They help you treat your wrinkles, keeps it blemish free and brightens up your tone and complexion.

"Healthy skin is a reflection of overall wellness." Always remember this famous saying. Treat your skin right with our natural beauty products and shine bright like a diamond.


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