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Almond oil is a non-volatile oil, extracted from the seeds of almond. It is commonly used as an emollient. Almond oil contains triglycerides and several fatty acids which help in skin repairing. Almond oil is also a very rich source of vitamin E.

Almond oil is beneficial for your body, your skin as well as your hair. Benefits of almond oil for your body are:

  1. Controls Cholesterol

Almond oil regulates cholesterol by raising HDL cholesterol and lowering LDL cholesterol, which leads to an overall decrease in cholesterol.

  1. Reduces Risk of Heart Disease

Since almond oil is rich in unsaturated fats and vitamin E, it allows oxygen to flow freely through your blood, thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

  1. Promotes Healthy Weight

An almond-enriched diet can also help you shed extra pounds and lose weight fast.  It is common myth that almond oil increases weight because of high-fat content, but in reality, our diet must include a certain proportion of unsaturated fats in order to make the body feel satisfied after eating.

  1. Maintains colon in good shape

Consuming almonds daily reduces the chances of colon cancer. Also, if you need a mild laxative to relieve constipation, you can take two tablespoons of almond oil

  1. Treats Earaches

Earaches are very common among children, and the causes vary greatly. Mostly, they are caused because of hardened ear wax inside the ears. Almond oil can be used to soften ear wax and hence relieve blockage within the ear. Almond oil is completely safe for ears, unlike many other alternatives available.

Almond oil is also very good for your skin and some of  its benefits for your skin include:

Aromatherapy oil:
Almond oil is also used as an aromatherapy oil to massage the body. It is suitable for all skin types and can be used in combination with myrrh oil and rosemary oil also.

Almond oil is a natural moisturizer and makes the skin nourished. It gets absorbed by the skin completely without clogging the pores and does not have greasy effect on the skin.

Treats acne, blackheads & whiteheads:

Acne and blackheads are caused by an oil trapped in the pores of the skin. Fatty acids in almonds control the amount of oil secreted by the sebaceous glands to prevent breakout and thus, they can be monumental to solve these problems.

Hair benefits of almonds include:

  • Almond contains fatty acids and vitamin A, D, B1, B2 and B6, which by penetrating into the hair strands to make the hair healthy.
  • Almond also contains plenty of magnesium, which is an essential for growing healthy strands and consuming magnesium in high amounts not only helps to maintain proper functioning of the body but also encourages the hair growth.

While sweet almond oil is generally safe, there are a few cautions to consider when using it daily. Anyone with a nut allergy should avoid consuming almond oil or other almond products. If you are alcoholic, it is good for you to stay away from almond oil and alcohol and if you have pancreatitis, you may also want to avoid consuming almond products.


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