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Herbal infusions have spread everywhere, from health supplements to cosmetics and makeups, from medicines to air fresheners, there is not a part of modern life vacant of their influence. They are a part of daily use household requirements while also being used in long-term disease treatments. And why shouldn’t they be? They are better than the synthetic products. Devoid of industrial chemicals and yet more effective, they have absolutely no side effects. The world is undergoing a new turn around to explore the magical mysteries of nature. Herbal infusions are just so adaptable, they blend into each sphere of life. You can trust and accept them into your lives.  That is why they are the next best thing.

In your Home

Herbal infusions contained in almost all the organic products that you can use in your home. There is no going back once you start using. They are irresistible.

  • Air Fresheners

Aren’t you addicted to the aroma of the sweet and soothing herbs? It is just something that cannot go out of your daily system. Differently composed air fresheners with different scents and antibacterial properties is must to  have.

  • Floor Sanitizers

The floor sanitizers contained of a blend of lemongrass or eucalyptus or citronella, the freshness of nature from the mountain and forests is always craved for presence is your house. You remove the everyday scent of mull over from domestic wastes and insect by-products with it.

  • Insect Repellent

Also available for the most needed purpose of chasing away filthy unwanted house pets, ward off rats, cockroaches, lizards and mosquitoes with herb-infused insect repellents.

General Health

  • Heart related

This powerful combination of herbs and minerals boosts your metabolism and maintains healthy cholesterol and blood sugar level. These are vegetarian capsules and are to be taken twice daily after meal for a healthy heart.

  • Memory Boosters

We have herbal tea bags which increase memory power and concentration. Regular intake of two cups of herbal tea daily enhances brain functionality.

  • Stress and Pain Relief

These herbal capsules promote a healthy inflammatory response, supports skin and eye health and reduce joint pain.

Cosmetic Care

  • Skin care

Herb infused moisturizer, face creams and sunscreens are best for your skin as the absence of chemicals and presence of the excellent properties of herbs and minerals. These contain anti ageing, anti marks and anti-tanning extracts of plants and herbs. Shower gels, body wash and scrub with herbal infusion will make your bath special.

No surprise that herbal soaps for pet care is also now in the market. Apart from effectively cleaning your pet’s fur coat, the herbal soaps will leave the fragrance for days after the bath.

Nothing is left out. Go truly organic to lead a truly healthy life.

  • Hair care

Many a hair treatment products are available with herbal infused assets for your hair and scalp skin. Shampoos, conditioners, hair gel and hair colour, everything is naturally processed and manufactured and are perfect for healthy growth of hair.

  • Pedicure and Manicure

Herbal induced hand cream, hand wash and hand lotions are available for clean and at the same time soft, beautiful hands. For foot care, foot creams, foot oil, scrub and lotions are also there with their awesome herbal qualities to groom the skin internally and keep you young. Even herbal foot soaks and sprays are present for your benefit.

Not only do the benefits of herbal infusion gift you with a sound and healthy life, you will also fall in love with each different fragrance which comes with the different herbs present in your application. Build a surrounding full of wonder and soothing presence.  The list of the versatile exploitations of naturally extracted benefits from herbal infused products has just begun. The journey to going purely natural is just around the corner. Prepare your tray.


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