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Knowing the various ways in which you can suffer from joint pain is the first step towards combating it successfully. There exist traditional and expected forms of joint pain such as broken bones, strains or Gout. There also exist the lesser known ways, one can get joint pain. Read on to know more:

  1. Leukemia

    This is cancer of blood forming tissues. Various forms of leukemia exist and a few forms are common more in children than in adults. Other types of the disease occur mainly in adults. Leukemia involves the white blood cells. These are the body’s infection fighters growing and dividing in a systematic manner as the body requires. However in leukemia victims, the bone marrow produces abnormal white blood cells that do not function correctly. This leads to swelling of joints and pain when they rub against the bone. 

  2. Paget’s disease of bone

    This disease is known to disrupt one’s normal bone recycling process where old bone tissue is replaced with new bone tissue. Over a period of time affected bones turn misshapen and fragile. The disease tends to occur in the skull, spine, legs and pelvis. This leads to joint pain. Risk of Paget’s disease of bone rises as you grow older. The risk also rises when any of your family members have the disease in the past. Complications of Paget’s disease include hearing loss, broken bones and pinched nerves in the spine. 

  3. Sarcoidosis

    Sarcoidosis is the growth of small collections of inflammatory cells in various parts of the body. Most commonly this can be found in the eyes, skin, lymph nodes and lungs. Doctors understand sarcoidosis to form from the body’s immune system responding to unknown substances, very likely to have been inhaled from the outside air. Modest treatment can tackle the immense joint pain caused. Signs and symptoms of sarcoidosis could last for many years leading to organ damage. 

  4. Septic arthritis

    This is a lesser known yet potent form of joint pain. The infection arrives from germs travelling through your bloodstream from other parts of the body. Septic arthritis also occurs upon a penetrating injuring delivering germs straight to the joint. Older adults and toddlers are most susceptible to the disease with the knees, shoulders and hips commonly affected. 

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