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Most common diseases are caused by external agents and organisms which either carry these diseases with them or create the surroundings filthy enough for these diseases to breed. Not only should you protect yourself and your family from such diseases, it is also a social responsibility that you keep your environment free of such disease spreading monsters. Use organic products to wipe out common diseases from their roots. A healthy lifestyle is all you need to follow. Build your immune  system with simple and safe products. This article will name few such products which are a great help.

Herbal Mostick

The herbal Mostick contains herbal aromatic oil and plant extracts which gives a lemon fresh fragrance to your house. It is completely safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly. But it will be the death of your disease carrying insects. They will think twice before loitering near your house and will be eradicated if found inside.

Light the coated end of the incense stick and blow out the flame. Now all you need is find a place for it in your house and you will stay protected.

Anti Mosquito Citronella Bucket Candle

This candle contains citronella oil which will clean the atmosphere inside your house by removing bacterial and parasitic presence. This will prevent diseases like gastroenteritis from coming near your family. The main point, however, is the mosquitoes. It keeps them at bay and keeps you safe from diseases like malaria, filaria, dengue and chikungunya.

The anti-mosquito bucket candle has a life of 90 hours. You need only let it burn for 4-5 hours a day.

Immunity Building Capsules

  • Cranberry Capsules

Cranberry capsules are vegetarian capsules which are rich is Di-calcium phosphate and class II preservative 218. Apart from promoting immune response, it also strengthens the excretory system by improving performance of kidneys, bladder, ureters, urethra and urinary track. It is highly recommended for a good healthy life with better urinary track functionality. 

Take two tablets daily after meals.

  • Immunity and body growth capsule

This capsule will improve your appetite and body weight as well as body growth and body building. Increasing your immunity will help you fight diseases. Take it as a daily supplement and experience overall improvement of your health.

Take 2 tablets daily with milk or water.

  • Immunohill Tablets

It develops immunity and detoxification of your internal systems. The Immunohill tablet reduces fatigue by providing essential nutrients to the body. It also delays age related changes. Your will feel your immunity improve within a month and you will fall for disease less often.

Take one tablet before meal every day. Store it in a cool, dry place.

  • Herbal Antibiotics

The herbal antibiotic capsules help in eradicating the diseases caused from bacteria invading your body. It lets all the good bacteria live and does away with disease causing ones that have externally entered your body.

This capsule contains plant extracts which also help against respiratory infections and acute UTI. Fevers, coughs and other ailments are slain when in bud. It is natural and free of any kind of side effects.

Take two capsules daily with meals to improve immunity .

Sitopaladi Churn

The Sitopaladichurna is a herbal mix of canshalochan, pippali, tvak and elaichi which effectively relieves cough related respiratory disorders. It is very efficient in reducing chest congestion by melting the thick mucus in the nasal airway. It is very helpful during cold and prevents common cold diseases.

Take one teaspoon churn with water daily with meals.

Your immunity is your shield against common diseases. Keep it exercised and strong to keep diseases at bay. These are organic products and therefore, do not have any ill effects. Bring these products home and be at ease about your health.


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