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Once a wise human said, ‘precaution is better than cure’. Whenever we are struck by a swarm of foreign germs, it is the immune system that keeps our whole body functioning as they fight these foreign particles. Immune system is our knight present in our cells keeping all the possible health degenerating elements at bay. It is necessary to keep this immune system of ours fit and healthy. When the count of lymphocytes fall down, even common cold is a threat to the system.

Back in the days, immune system was kept functioning through the most natural way possible. Not just natural, but homemade too. Consuming herbal leaves on empty stomach boosted the action and performance level of all lymphocytes and made the lymphatic nodes even stronger. Lymphatic cells are an alternate term given to white blood cells which are basically recognized to be the controllers of our body’s immunity level. It is necessary to have these lymphocytes of a specific count as and when they go below the benchmark set, it becomes a serious issue and the individual must be admitted to the hospital. When the condition gets worse, the person is also administered with blood.

To avoid the mess of ending up falling sick and degrading your natural wealth is something no one can afford to let go. There are a numerous ways in order to keep one’s immune system fit and happy. Few of these are discussed below.

  • Hydration: Keeping yourself hydrated is the foremost thing to do in order to keep your immune system happy and functioning at its normal pace. Water helps in the whole purifying process of blood and thereby provides a cleaner and safer environment for the lymphocytes to replicate and divide.
  • Consumption of citrus fruits: This is not a myth. Due to the acidic element present in the element it bothers and enhances the lymphocytes’ resistance towards germs with higher pH value. Citrus fruits also carry anti-infective property. That is the reason we see a person covering his wound by placing a lemon on the affected region.

  • Balanced diet: Diet is the most important factor that becomes the backbone of basic functions. It is important to have a balanced diet as it affects the nutrient absorption cycle and due to this disturbance, the cells tend to get weaker and less strong. If you continue to proceed with an unplanned and unbalanced diet, this might as well become the root cause of various major life impending problems.
  • Avoiding Pills: When one falls sick, pills are prescribed. But encouraging doing so all the time as and when one gets sick, suppresses the activity of the immune system. Immune system works on experience-based memory. As it attacks a foreign element for the first time, it records the weakness and the type of infection spread. But since it is the first time the system is interacting with the infection, all of this takes a while. When the immune system encounters the same deranged virus ready to take over the body, since the immune system’s memory has an experience of dealing with this specific virus; in no time a group of lymphocytes handles this situation and takes control without harming other functions of the human body.

As you can see, there are four crisp ways to boost your immune system and increase and enhance its performance rate. Since, our immune system safeguards our body and our life, it is necessary to provide proper importance in keeping our immune system happy, fit and healthy. Health is the biggest wealth that is given to every single walking, crawling and talking soul out there. Making use of it in a positive or a negative way is in our very hands. We are the masters of our puppets. We get to control and pull the strings. But make sure that the strings pulled are the right ones.


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