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Tea and coffee lovers both argue that their favourite beverage is the second most popular beverage in the world after water. All things considered, it can be conceded that together, tea and coffee constitute the most popular beverages in the world. They are great for relaxation, induce a calm state of mind and are most commonly used for a quick shot of energy. Drinking organic tea and coffee can help rejuvenate your health and also provide a lot of other benefits that will promote good health.

Why choose organic?

Of all the options available in the market, the ones marked ‘organic’ are the ones you should choose even if they are a little more expensive. Here are the many benefits of going organic:

  • No pesticides: Organic tea and coffee are guaranteed to be farmed organically, that is, without the use of pesticides.
  • No chemical residue: Conventional tea and coffee undergo various chemical treatments before attaining its final form.
  • Safe for the environment: The farming methods used in the process of farming organic tea and coffee ensures that the environment is not harmed in the process.
  • Safe for local communities: There is no damage to the soil or surrounding water of the land that grows organic tea and coffee unlike in case of conventional farming.
  • Good quality: Since each bean and tea leaf is handpicked, you can be assured that you are drinking the best quality coffee and tea when you choose organic options.
  • Better taste: The assurance of the best quality tea leaves and coffee beans ensures that the tea and coffee made out of organic products are of much better quality and therefore, taste a lot better than regular tea and coffee.

Health benefits of organic tea

Tea comes in various types and colours with different properties. The most commonly available tea is green tea and black tea. The other types of tea that can be obtained from the tea leaf are white tea and oolong tea. There are also many varieties of herbal tea which are obtained from infusions of various parts of herbs or plants. Here are some of the benefits of the most common kind of tea, black tea:

  • Increases blood flow: The dilatory properties of black tea ensure that when you drink black tea, your body responds by expanding or relaxing the arteries. This results in an increased blood flow to different parts of the body.
  • Antioxidants: Black tea contains powerful antioxidants that protect the cells of the body against oxidation and help improve the general health of the individual.
  • Fights cancer: It has been proven that a regular consumption of black tea might be beneficial for fighting cancer.
  • Prevents cavities: The antioxidants in tea along with the vital nutrients ensure that cavities are kept at bay if tea is consumed regularly.

Health benefits of organic coffee

As one of the most popular beverages in the world, coffee possesses a wide variety of benefits including:

  • Promotes heart health: Drinking coffee regularly has been found to improve the heart health of the drinker by a significant amount.
  • Aids weight loss: Taking your coffee black and without sugar has been found to have properties that help in promoting weight loss and subsequent maintaining of weight.
  • Boosting metabolism: Coffee is useful in boosting the metabolism and this can further help those who are trying to lose weight as a higher metabolism allows you to burn fats faster.
  • Reduces the appetite: Coffee can help prevent overeating as it helps to dull the appetite and maintain a regular meal schedule by reducing cravings.

Drinking organic tea and coffee is not only a great way to improve your energy, but you also gain a lot of health benefits from it. Although organic products are slightly more expensive than conventional products, the benefits that you stand to gain from it are manifold. Go organic and never go back from the market without good quality organic beverages.


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