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Healthy snacks can keep you fit, beautiful and healthy too. As much as you would love to dig into a burger or some fries, resist yourself. The results are truly worth it. A man is what he eats and that rule is applied not just to meals but to snacks too. The next time you head to the super market, stay clear of the aisle of processed foods. The less number of these you have at home, the less are you going to be tempted by them. Force yourself into natural and organic diets and once you familiarize yourself, you’ll never go back to the other side.

Check out a few healthy bite-sized foods you can stock up on for those snack times.


  • Fruits and Vegetables

These are delicious and filling snacks that promise good health, nutrition and a glowing skin. The best part about fruits and vegetables is that you can never grow tired of these. There is a large variety to pick from and with a little cooking skill, you can enjoy salads, soups or juices too that are colourful and lip smacking.


  • Organic Cookies

Made from organic and natural ingredients, organic cookies are a great way to greet your hunger at snack times. A couple of these cookies with a glass of milk can keep you going till your next meal. Cookies are always a delight relished by the young and the old alike. These come with health benefits too. What more do we need?

  • Dry Fruits

Dry fruits are a luxurious snack that are loaded with all vitamins and minerals that one can probably think of. The family of these dry fruits is one that matches up to the expectation of every taste bud out there. These have been found to increase immunity, fight hair loss, improve eyesight and a lot more. Don’t skip this just because you don’t seem to enjoy. Most of your beauty problems will be history if you manage to regularly include these as a part of your diet.

  • Chocolate

All-time favourite of most of us is chocolate. We usually don’t need a reason to treat ourselves to a bar of this cocoa fun but then what if it is good for your health as well? Organic chocolates are great mood lifters and can help the brain generate the ‘feel good’ hormones. So, the next time you are hungry, grab a bar of organic chocolate without feeling guilty.

  • Pulses

Pulses are a rich source of protein. These can be cooked and enjoyed with a hint of lemon juice. If you are the spicy type, then you are free to spice it up all you want.This is a snack that you will absolutely fall in love with. There is again a lot of variety here and you can make your choices!

Sometimes you might be bored and not actually hungry. Remember, your body knows to signal for food when it requires nutrition and when it does, be responsible and feed yourself the very best. Flawless skin, an enviously thick and healthy mane, a perfect body that is well toned-all these are the credits you will get if you stay away from foods that do nothing but flatter your taste buds and increase your waistline.

Drink a lot of water so that again you do not confuse thirst for hunger. If you are going to be travelling, then pop in some healthy munchies that you can keep yourselves busy with while enjoying the cool breeze on your face.


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