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There are multiple ways the body can build immunity, but one should follow those ways which have minimum side effects and are sustainable for a long term. Every tiny step would help the body boost its immunity levels and make it capable of facing worse situations.

So increase your immunity every day by these simple and basic natural steps-

  • Get enough sleep

A healthy adult might think that sleeping less would help in utilizing more time for other errands, but in real, that can have serious repercussions on the body because it causes stress levels to rise, hormonal disturbances and eventually a loss of body immunity. If one faces insomnia issues, one can opt for some natural sleep management ways, but simultaneously ensure that one gets appropriate sleep.

  • Avoid tobacco and smoking

Almost everyone who has a tobacco or smoke intake knows the side effects of it and must try the best to stop the intake as soon as possible because it affects the basic immune defenses of the body and raises the probability of bronchitis and pneumonia. For stopping the usage, one can also try some organic anti-smoking aids if the efforts fail seamlessly.

  • Reduce alcohol intake

A troublemaker, alcohol is bad for our body system as it directly gets into the blood stream and affects the entire body. Not only that, it also weakens the immune system and increases the chances of lung infections.

  • Increase intake of vegetables, nuts, fruits and seeds

Veggies, fruits, seeds, and nuts all combined together can easily fulfill the daily nutrient requirements of the body and increase the number of antibodies in the body which in turn act as immune system boosters. Even oils from nuts and seeds such as peanut oil, groundnut oil, almond oil, sesame oil, etc. can be taken if the raw versions are not available on a daily basis.

  • Introduce probiotics in diet

It is a proven fact that probiotics have the capacity to reduce the chances of intestinal and respiratory infections. That is because probiotics are fermented milk products which contain millions of good bacteria helpful for our intestines and these also strengthen our immune system. One can also take probiotic capsules as daily supplements.

  • Add garlic to the diet plan

Did you know that garlic is a great anti-microbial agent and immunity booster? If not, then since you now know it, add it in the raw form to your daily diet just before serving and no bacteria and viruses would then be able to catch hold of you.

  • Increase your mushroom intake

Whether you like them or not, mushrooms are here to stay in the list of natural immunity boosters and they simply won’t let you down if you consume these be it enoki, shitake or oyster type. Since mushrooms are loaded with Ergothioneine that are powerful antioxidants, even cooking won’t let the immunity building process stop.

  • Try ginseng

There are certain supportive herbs such as ginseng that help in building the body’s immunity especially the Korean version that has been tested to be effective on people with chronic illness. Ginseng basically increases the number of immunity cells along with making people more active. Moreover, it has also been proven to increase the immunity of lungs in those suffering from AIDS.


  • Increase your tea intake

It is a proven Harvard study that people who drink 5 cups of black tea every day for 2 weeks have 10 times more virus-fighting strength over those who have placebo hot drink. This is because of an amino acid called L-theanine that is abundant in both black and green tea.

If you feel that you are catching those viral and bacterial infections too frequently, just try 2-3 of these proven methods, and you will definitely witness a surge in your immunity levels in just a few weeks.


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