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The liver is one of the most important organs in the human body as it processes all the blood that flows inside of the human system. In this course it filters toxins and absorbs them in order to detoxify the body. In addition, the liver is also responsible for manufacturing a number of proteins and participates in metabolism, especially in the processing of iron and glucose. Therefore, it is highly essential to intentionally work out a Liver Care routine and cleanse the liver periodically to maintain good health in the long run.

When we fail to perform proper Liver Care, our body reacts by making us feel tired, weak and worn out. Sometimes, we might start losing weight and feel a constant vomiting sensation or nausea. Also, the malfunctioning of the liver is sometimes visible from our face and eyes, which might look yellow and discolored.

Liver disease can be caused due to a number of causes like overuse of certain drugs, over consumption of alcohol, viral attack such as Hepatitis A, overload of iron or liver toxicity caused due to a number of external agents. The damage that is caused to the liver as a result of insufficient Liver Care is unimaginable and irreversible. Sometimes, the liver can get permanently damaged and at other times, the liver might be inflamed and experience stress and disease.

Organic herbal remedies for Liver Care are extremely beneficial as part of an effective regimen to detoxify the liver and put it back in function. Organic remedies that contain herbal formulations act on the liver to not just strengthen it but also prevent toxic agents from taking their toll on the liver and resolve a number of harmful conditions. Among conditions most commonly resolved by organic formulations are liver cirrhosis, fatty liver disease, hepatitis, alcoholic liver disease, anemia, jaundice and dyspepsia.

It is surprising to know that some of the most familiar organic herbs from Ayurveda including Bhringraj, Arjun, Amla and Kasni are used in detox formulations targeted at resolving liver disease and can be selected for a long term Liver Care regimen. In addition, powerful herbal formulations containing Guduchi, Kalmegh and Daruhaldi are especially suited for treating complex conditions of the liver like Hepatitis and Cirrhosis.


In terms of optimal Liver Care, Guduchi is known to remove highly toxic substances that have made their way in the liver and account for its malfunctioning. It also detoxifies the kidneys as it is metabolized by the human system. Guduchi also contains antioxidant properties, which are very essential for optimal functioning of the liver. Kalmegh protects the liver and stimulates the immune system to set up defences against harmful external agents that might contribute to liver toxicity. Bhringraj is another traditional herb with exceptional properties that promotes metabolism of the liver and adds strength to the entire human system. Liver toning happens effectively through the action of Punarnava as it reconditions the liver and also purifies the blood. Daruhaldi is one of the best Ayurvedic herbs, that corrects the overall metabolism.

The action of herbal formulations intended for herbal care is profound and vast. An effective regimen that takes liver detox and restoration of function into account is able to benefit the entire human system by purifying the blood, and increasing hemoglobin levels. Liver detox reduces inflammation that might have resulted due to disease in various organ systems. This comprehensive methodology adds shine and luster to the skin and drains the body of excessive water that might have retained due to improper metabolism. In addition, a Liver Care regimen also produces positive effects on the kidneys and the excretory system by preventing urinary tract infections. Overall, the symptoms of fatigue, anemia and nausea are resolved and a healthy liver ensures healthy functioning of the entire human system.

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