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Improving lifestyle by means of small changes in diet, daily habits and routines and sleep patterns can show you definite positive changes in your immunity and overall health statistics. Sticking to a discipline when it comes to taking care of your health is what all it takes to enjoy benefits of a healthy body. By discipline we mean regulating your activities and daily routine habits in a way to promote positivity for your body and get rid of harmful or stressful elements affecting your health negatively. In the following blog we pester on some simple lifestyle changes which could be fruitful in terms of building better and stronger immunity and thus keep at bay chances of falling prey to infectious microbes present in the environment.

Proper diet

A balanced diet is something we all learn about in our primary class. Balanced diet means including all types of nutrients from fats and carbs to minerals, vitamins, fibre and proteins to your daily diet in regulated portions so as not to overdo one or neglect other. While the concept remains same but portion size for each kind of nutrient in the diet changes as per the need of the body which again is dependent on the age, growth pattern, type of profession, body type and even gender. Here comes the role of your physician or dietician who can be consulted to know what is the best diet plan or composition for your body.

As we are considering a diet for boosting immunity here is a short list of some processed food items really working to benefit your immune system:

Flax seeds, green tea, Chawanprash, organic tea, apple cider vinegar and specific immunity boosting capsules and tonics (refer to doctor’s prescription).


Proper sleep pattern

Resting your body for adequate time daily is the best therapy for yourself. Our bodies are designed in a way to self-heal while we are asleep. So repair and rejuvenation of our systems that happen during sound sleep cannot be compared to any other treatment or therapy. Least is 6 hours and most is 9 hours of sleep that a body requires to get up fresh with heaps of positive energy for the day. While time of sleep varies from individual to individual again based on their age, growing phase and job type (physical exertion done), one should be considerate about his’/her body’s need to get rest and acknowledge same with sufficient sleep. Undisturbed sleep is what is being referred to here. Our body clock is adjusted to sleeping at night which is most preferred time to rest. For better sleep one can also try aroma therapy with certain benefitting essential oils like lavender oil. All in all, the efforts should be directed at providing yourself good night’s sleep of minimum 8 hours at one stretch. Power naps in afternoon are a great way to freshen up but they should be of not more than 20 to 30 minutes as longer nap time can affect your night’s sleep. Proper exercise routine


Don’t neglect exercising!

Proper blood circulation boosts vitality and functioning of each organ and organ system. Proper blood circulation ensures adequate dose of oxygen and other blood absorbed nutrients for all the organs which help in their functioning. Same works perfectly well when it comes to immune system. Proper blood circulation the network of lymph glands and nodes retain proper state of functioning and protect us from attack of foreign microbes. Regular exercise in a way helps to push our circulation and thus our immunity levels to better healthier levels.

Maintaining and following disciplined exercise routine (minimum of 30 minutes daily) is thus a great benefitting factor for our health stats. Exercise type, intensity and duration can be varied with reference to age, gender, body type and body need but including physical workouts in daily routine is a habit with undeniable benefits for immunity and overall health of the body.

De-stress and relax

Over stress can be hazardous to not only mental but physical health of our bodies as well. any kind of stress be it job related, extra physical exertion or mental stress due to personal or professional reasons can take toll over your health if prolonged for long times. Stressed body has least immune power and thus falls prey to infections and diseases easily. Thus, activities to relax and de-stress mind and body help refresh your mood and also rejuvenate your body’s working nodes in a perfect way. Yoga, meditation, walks amidst natural surroundings, family holidays, body massages and even listening to music, hot water bath with specific bath salts or massage with nerve relaxing essential oils etc. are some activities which work wondrously when we talk of relaxing the mind and body. Certain food products like green tea or organic tea and coffee also have temporary but positive mood lifting effects. Pick a routine and keep alternating de-stressing activities by your choice to keep your mind and body happy, active, de-stressed and completely vital.


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