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Studies have shown that one in five suffer from premature ejaculation. This defect can affect the sexual life of the man leading to numerous psychological and physical problems. But to solve this problem it is essential to figure out the source:

Premature Ejaculation has been studied around the world. Due to its complexity involving deep thoughts and feeling, it is difficult to pinpoint to a particular cause. However, many theories have been put forward.

  1. One of them is linked to quick masturbation during the teenage years mostly due to the fear of being watched or caught by elders.
  1. Performance anxiety which occurs due to unresolved psychological problems developed during the five stage sexual development in a child for example, Oedipal conflict.
  1. Even physical causes have been given. High reception of Serotonin, increased sensitivity of penis.
  1. Even genetically, scientists have proven that all sufferers have a relative in the family tree who suffers from the same.
  1. Some drugs can also cause early ejaculation.

What actually happens during ejaculation?

First half of the process involves the transfer of fluid from the vas deferens into the urethra. The second stage is called expulsion. It involves the closing of bladder neck and contractions of urethra by special muscles and relaxations of sphincters.

Sympathetic and autonomic neurons coordinate together in this process provided sufficient input is provided.

What all changes happens mentally during premature ejaculation:

  1. With the progress of this experience confidence in the relationship is lost for the male.
  1. Mental distress due to bad sexual life.
  1. Males usually feel embarrassed as they are unable to provide the right amount of satisfaction.
  1. But while this problem affects males severely, studies have found that premature ejaculation is not a big deal for women. For a man orgasm is a must but not for a woman. Men give more importance to performance while women are usually happy with intimacy.

How can the doctor know the exact cause?

Unlike other illness, this involves very little or no physical diagnosis. First and foremost, symptoms are analyzed. Next the doctor will ask you questions and facts based on your sexual history. While it may seem awkward, the more free you are, the more easier will be to select the cure.

But if the psychological way fails, the doctor will do some tests on the nerve and prostrate.

Nature can solve any illness. Surprisingly the cure of premature ejaculation lies in your own home!

  1. Onions: Green onion seeds gives a good sexual endurance and capacity as it acts as a aphrodisiac. Everyday consumption is recommended for getting the strength to control ejaculation.
  1. Ashwagandha: When libido is increased the sexual pleasure is increased therefore controlling premature ejaculation.

  1. Ginger helps in blood circulation. When more blood flows to the penis the erection becomes consistent.
  1. Lady-finger powder is proven to be an effective cure to premature ejaculation if consumed every day.
  1. Asparagus roots: With milk, boil the roots and consume twice a day. This can help a lot in preventing premature ejaculation
  1. Include fennel seeds, bananas, and celery in the diet. They increase libido therefore, bringing early ejaculation to a control.
  1. Massaging with castor oil in the perennial region can be of great help.
  1. There is a technique called 'squeeze technique' During an intercourse, just before the orgasm point, the man or his partner must squeeze the penis shaft with the thumb and any two fingers. Also light pressure for about 20 minutes is applied along the base. This helps in gaining control of the ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation gets cured in weeks or months if properly treated. But remember to have a good attitude towards Sex. Also, keep a free conversation regarding this with your partner. The more she knows, the lesser will be feelings of guilt and anxiety.


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