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Moreover, it might seem hard to believe, but stress has been documented and formally stated as late as 1950s by endocrinologist Hans Seyle. So all that was studied to identify as to what happens when stress occurs can be briefly described in the following points-

  • Blood pressure increases and heart beat also rises drastically.
  • To soothe the muscles that receive more attention at the time of stress, sweating occurs.
  • Blood is diverted from the skin so that no blood loss occurs.
  • Breathing rate rises sharply.
  • Immune system gets highly activated.
  • Attention and sight also become sharp and highly focused.

To avoid or resolve all the above points, here is a list of highly effective ways and if you adopt just 1-2 of these as per availability and surroundings, that can be really helpful.

  • Meditate and relax

It is a proven fact that yoga and meditation go hand in hand and are very effective practices to deal with stress as they alter the brain’s neurological pathways making it more resilient to stress. Practice them with mantras and you will discover a motivated self and have more positive energy inside. If practiced in a natural environment, that can be a real booster and if that isn’t possible, one can have that kind of fragrance around with an incense or candle to enrich the experience.

  • Take a bath

Since water has always been associated with peace and mood stabilization, if you are stressed, a warm water bath with any of your favorite soap, bath oil, bath salt can act as an effective stress buster experience. Along with that, you can listen to some light music or keep the lights low so that the bath becomes more soothing and helps in lowering blood pressure and heart rate.

  • Eat right

Maximum number of times people think that eating their favorite foods (mostly processed and sugary) would help in the times of stress. But that in turn, sends a wrong signal to the body and makes it do more work along with dealing with stress already. At that time, it is highly important that one realizes the power of eating the appropriate kind of foods called “stress busters”. Various foods such as dry fruits rich in omega3 fats, berries such as strawberries, blueberries, avocados, chamomile tea, chocolates particularly dark chocolate, garlic, green tea, oatmeal, oranges are said to contain anti-oxidants and other elements that help in lowering blood pressure and attaining a feeling of calm inside.

  • Exercise

All forms of exercise even for a minute help the brain deal with those unwanted sensations and problems of depression and anxiety. Exercise when in stress helps the brain release feel-good chemicals that help the body deal with stressful situations. So the next time you feel stressful, simply walk fast or climb up and down the stairs or do some stretching exercises and you would find yourself in a better state, peaceful and stress-free.

  • Sleep better

In many cases, lesser number of sleeping hours can also cause one to become stressful, anxious and unfocussed. So if you have been one who is sleep deprived or facing issues such as insomnia, initially try to take enough sleep and if that doesn’t work out, then see a doctor and treat the problem of insomnia with some organic remedies that won’t cause side effects.

  • Breathe in and out

You might be thinking that we do that all the time, but this time, it’s a different kind. To ease out your body and brain, you should breathe effectively; that means take a deep breath for about 3-5 minutes to lower the blood pressure and you will be amazed to see the results you get.

All the above-mentioned ways are no new science or terms, but all that is needed is their implementation at the right time when we are stressed. So keep calm and get going with these.


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