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Even though volumes have been said and done over the problem of overweightedness, you don’t hear much about its counterpart; being underweight. It is not as common as the former, but a considerable amount of people suffer from the problem of being underweight. It is not just a matter of external appearance. People who are underweight can lose energy fast and feel fatigued in a matter of moments. They might feel tired even to do a task as simple as grocery shopping. So, just like obesity, being underweight is also a serious issue. But there are healthy and organic ways to counter the problem and add muscle to your body without harming it. Read on to find out more.

What makes muscle grow?

When you talk about gaining weight, what you want is to bulk up your muscles and not add fat to your body. This is why healthy eating habits and working out are very important when it comes to gaining weight.

When you do your workouts, you are actually causing damage your muscle fibers. But, don’t worry, it is a completely normal process to the body and in fact, that is what is intended. These damaged muscle fibers are repaired when you rest after the workout. The torn muscle fibers fuse together to produce a new muscle protein. The specialty of this protein is that they increase in thickness and volume resulting in a process called muscle hypertrophy which basically means muscle growth.

Now,why some people find it hard to gain weight as opposed to others is genetics. A type of cells called satellite cells when activated adds nuclei to muscle cells, bulking them up. Some people have these cells in their body in abundance while some people don’t, which explains the disparity.

What to aim for while working out

  1. Muscle tension

In order to add mass to the muscles, you need to apply more stress gradually on your muscle than it is used to. The additional tension will help to activate various chemical elements of the muscle like the satellite cells and help you beef up your muscles. Weighting lifts is a great way to do that. Start from the lower end and gradually move on to the heavier weights as you work out. This way you won’t damage the muscles more than the desired level.

  1. Muscle damage

After an intense workout, you may experience slight pain and soreness in the area that you focused. This is because of the damage            caused by the workout on your muscle fibers. This process will result in the release of inflammatory cells in the area and other immunity mechanisms, which will in turn, activate satellite cells.

  1. Metabolic stress

Workouts result in metabolic stress, which is another factor that contributes to muscle gain. It will cause the cells around the muscle to swell up, adding more bulk to the muscle tissue. This mechanism only increases the size of the muscle and not the strength.

Foods to complement your workout regime

When you are on a workout regime, you need to take care of the food that you eat so as to facilitate smooth muscle growth. Since muscle growth works through the damage and repair mechanism, proper nutrition is necessary for this to happen the healthy way. Let’s take a look at some foods that will help you along the way.

  • Whole milk

Stay away from your regular skimmed milk and start drinking whole milk. It contains a good amount of vitamins and extra nutrients that will help you gain weight the healthy way.

  • Eggs

Eggs form one of the most popular and effective food items when it comes to a workout regime. It is rich in fibers and contains the good cholesterol, ample amount of vitamins, and moderate levels of calories.

  • Organic supplements

Adding organic food supplements to your diet can help in repairing the muscle tissues faster. Ensure that you buy only organic supplements so that your body won’t suffer from any side effects later. Pick supplements that are rich in proteins.

  • Avocados

Being a rich source of natural fibers and a healthy amount of calories, avocados will help you put on weight the healthy way. They also contain appreciable levels of potassium, vitamins and other minerals.

  • Brown rice

Brown rice contains compact carbohydrates and a good deal of the fiber goodness. It will help in improving the metabolism as well.

  • Bananas

Bananas are like a quick and easy energy capsule. They are rich in potassium, natural fibers, and carbohydrates. It is one of the healthier ways to stock up on your energy and gain weight.

Following the right workout plan for your body and complementing that with a healthy diet can work wonders on your weight. Make sure you choose organic and natural methods so that your body can stay healthy along the whole process. Stay away from chemicals and eat healthy.


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