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While most of us use sunscreen and sunblock as Anti Tan agents to ensure that the harmful effects of UV rays are not apparent on the skin, we cannot escape sun tanning completely and the need for tan removal and Anti Tan application becomes a necessity at least once or twice a week depending on skin exposure to the sun and your individual skin type. Darkening of the skin is the least that can happen as a result of skin exposure to the harmful sun rays. Extended exposure can cause discoloration, black spots and concentration of melanin in certain areas depending on your individual body constitution. You might also see the appearance of warts as well as occurrence of fine lines and signs of ageing.

The use of chemical agents as an Anti Tan remedy is not a wise option, since it might inflict more trauma to an already damaged skin. It is important to discern the deep rooted effects of tanning that can be caused from sun exposure are not just limited to the periphery, but might affect the deeper layers of the skin and result in damage that might not be easily reversible. Hence chemical agents might not be the safest option to apply when it comes to choosing an Anti Tan solution.

However, this is not the case with natural, organic herbal Anti Tan agents which have their own inherent characteristics and properties that are not replicated in any form of chemical agents intended for Anti Tan or tan removal. Natural organic Anti Tan agents have the ability to penetrate deep into the underlying layers of the skin and repair damage caused, without disturbing the natural chemical structure of the skin or drying it out or creating more dead cells that can cause coarseness or hardening of the skin.

The Sheer Richness and Luxury of Saffron, Sandal and Turmeric as Unmatched Anti Tan Agents

Sandalwood as an Anti Tan agent has the inherent capability to remove not just sun tan but can also heal sunburn. Turmeric is a natural agent that can soothe blemishes, lighten and reverse the darkening caused due to sun exposure and create a smooth and soft appearance from the inside out. Besides, turmeric is a natural toner and an essential agent in the removal of tan and optimal skin repair.

The Benefits of Mulberry Extract in the Process of Tan Removal and as an Anti Tan Agent

Mulberry is a known Anti Tan agent, which works by lightening the overall skin tone and evening out darkened areas of the skin. Mulberry not just removes the tan from the skin, but also deep cleanses it to reveal supple, soft and smooth skin. The properties of mulberry as an Anti Tan agent creates a refreshed look to the skin by purifying it and removing excess oils, dirt and grime from deep pores.

Milk and Honey for Anti Tan and Deep Pore Conditioning of the Skin

Milk is an excellent skin conditioner and has the ability to reverse the darkening of skin from suntan. It imparts a remarkable clarity to the skin naturally and works as an excellent Anti Tan agent when used regularly. Honey, along with milk also works as a lightening agent and conditioner and can reverse the harmful effects of sun tanning by lightening the skin and moisturizing it. Overexposure to the sun can cause either dry, damaged skin or oily skin which has the tendency to be covered in dust and grime faster than usual. Honey is an antibacterial agent which not just lightens the skin, but also cleans and disinfects skin and eliminates chances of any microbial attack to the already damaged skin.

Tomato and Lemon Juice as Anti Tan Agents

Tomato and lemon work as Anti Tan agents by applying a mild bleaching action to the skin. The citric acid which is available through the lemon also works on the skin as an Anti Tan agent. Tomato can clear dark sports from pigmentation caused from sun exposure and impart a smooth tone to the skin.


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