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People are falling sick day by day, whether it is mental or physical. Today, they rarely have any time; some even could not take out few hours for themselves. Before, people use to go for morning walks, to play games, for running. But today that ratio has gone down. People spend their time in office and house only. There are few who is fitness addicted, but those people also go to gym. On other hand it is advised by doctors that morning walk can reduce half of the human body problems and will make you fit and strong. Early morning walks also build your immunity which will help you to fight against diseases and other health issues. These days some health issues which have come into existence are heart diseases and liver problems. Having this spicy food on some occasions can be good. But there are few people who love to eat spicy and fast foods all the time. This type of food leads to heart as well as liver problems.

Liver is an organ in our body which plays an important role to keep us healthy and strong. And if there is any disturbance in the liver function, then it may lead to some serious problems which need to be fixed as early as possible. Liver plays a significant role to control sugar, fat and iron of human body. There are few symptoms of liver problems like fever, vomiting, weight loss and jaundice. When more than 70% of the liver tissues and cells are damaged, it leads to liver diseases. These diseases come into existence when

  1. a) People don't eat healthy food. Healthy food means hygienic food.
  2. b) Drinking water is not clean and it does have some impurities.
  3. c) Consuming a lot of alcohol which surely affects your liver.

There are some home remedies to make your liver healthy:

  1. a) Apple Cider Vinegar: Make a dilute solution of apple cider vinegar in water. Take a glass of water and add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. Add some honey in it for taste. Drink it as many times as you want to. This process helps you in keeping your liver healthy.
  2. b) Fruits: Consume lot of fruits. Fruits can help you in controlling jaundice easily. In case of jaundice, it is always advised to eat papaya. Papaya is rich in nutrients. You can also make a paste of papaya juice and lemon juice.
  3. c) Green Tea: Avoid normal tea. Prefer green tea more. It contains catechins which help your liver to work properly.
  4. f) Avoid Alcohol: Alcohol is like poison. It degrades your liver slowly and slowly and it puts strain on liver.
  5. g) Exercise: Only having a healthy diet will not help to keep you healthy. Proper workout is required as it helps to eliminate fat from body. Proper exercise should be performed on regular basis.

 These home remedies are very useful and can cure your liver problems within some certain time but in some severe cases you need to visit doctors or take some organic medicines which are chemical free and will not affect your health. These medicines are always advised as they are very helpful. Some of those organic products which can help to cure liver problems are as follows:

  • Haldi Powder and Herbals: Haldi means turmeric. Turmeric is an antiseptic and anti oxidant product which helps in curing every possible disease. It is always advised by doctors to use this chemical free product as it helps to make your liver strong and healthy. It is an ayurvediv herb which increases your metabolism and helps your liver to work properly.

  • Liver Healing Capsules: Sometime ayurvedic medicines or herbs take a lot of time to fix your problem. In those cases, doctor advises you to consume these liver healing capsules which will make your liver strong. This capsule works for your liver as well as kidney and helps you to avoid any type of liver problem easily.

  • Liver Problem Tablets: Tablets are also available in the market to make your liver strong and infection free. These tablets are very safe as they do not contain any type chemicals and are advised when a person has a swollen liver, jaundice and fatty liver. It strengthens your liver functionality.

These are some home remedies as well as some medications which can help you to control or remove liver problems. Proper observation is required in some cases so that there won’t be any issues.


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