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For a healthy adult aged 20 years and above, the normal fasting blood sugar value should be below 100mg/dL. If that exceeds, then it is called a clear case of diabetes. Have you my friend recently got your fasting sugar test done and got value above 100mg/dL? If that is the situation, please don’t panic as we will work out few organic and natural ways to control it.

But before delving into the finer details as to what can be done to curb sugar levels, let's understand for once what actually happens to our body when we have those sweets or favorite pasta that delight our taste buds. So when we consume anything that contains sugar or any basic form of starch, the digestive system converts it into glucose that gets into the bloodstream. A hormone called insulin generated in the pancreas helps in using glucose to give energy to the body. And that’s how we are powered to function the entire day. The moment insulin levels reduce or insulin is unable to utilize glucose effectively, blood sugar levels rise causing a person to become diabetic.

So basically to control diabetes, it is absolutely essential that one must follow a diet plan. It can be controlled by natural means and a person can lead a normal lifestyle just like anyone else. For that, one would have to follow few basic instructions mentioned below-

  • Correct the lifestyle and incorporate exercise into it

Diabetes generally causes people to gain weight which in turn inhibits a person from being physically active thereby contributing to further weight gain. So my friend, it is essential that one should shed at most 5%-10% of the weight gain. For that one needn’t join a gym or do any strenuous exercise. Simply walk for say 30 minutes, and the target can be achieved.

  • Focus on weight management

Along with exercise, one can also have some natural weight management supplements that can, in turn, control the feeling of overeating or eating sugary foods. Some supplements such as garcina cambogia help with that and focus on managing a person’s weight effectively.

  • Try better carbohydrates

It’s a myth to deplete carbohydrates from one’s diet completely when having diabetes. Instead, one should incorporate some healthy and high fiber carbohydrates along with natural diabetes control supplements into the diet to power the body and mind. For that, one should consume whole wheat products, brown rice, cereals, dried beans, brown eggs, peas to have sufficient carbohydrates in the diet.

  • Eat foods wisely

It is pretty important that one pays attention to what one is eating as few things can drastically affect the blood sugar levels. So for that, one must avoid foods that are highly rich in oil, saturated fats, sugar and salts. One should choose options low in calories and can cook food in olive oil as it has been approved to help diabetic people with their sugar levels along with being low in fats.

Considering the benefits of green tea, it is also believed to work for type2 diabetes and can help in controlling it. Moreover, since it helps in liver functioning and increasing insulin sensitivity in the body, it can surely be used as a beneficial replacement for those sugary drinks.

  • Drink ample of water for staying hydrated

It is a very common observation that diabetic people urinate very frequently which in turn can lower down the water level in their body. To keep up with the water levels, it is essential that one drinks good amount of water the entire day. Also, it is a proven fact that drinking water if one feels like eating anything sweet can actually control the sensation resulting in lower blood sugar levels.

Apart from all the ways mentioned above, it is important that one accepts the fact that one is diabetic, take it seriously and work ways out to control it naturally as nothing is impossible. All that is needed is the spirit to keep going and simply not giving up.


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