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It’s the time of year again when the streets are decorated with colourful stars and everyone hums a Christmas carol to the beat of their step. The sight of Christmas trees decorated with baubles and shiny glitter paper truly warms the heart. One of the most exciting things about the Christmas season are the wonderful Christmas snacks and treats that fill the refrigerator and shelves. Christmas is the time for love and families to come together and along with it comes delicious treats that leave your appetite satisfied.

When it comes to snacks, there should be no compromise just because you are catering to a greater number of people – family, extended family and friends. Choosing the best and most natural organic snacks is the only way that you can ensure that your family stays healthy during the holiday season, now you don’t want someone falling ill on the day you’re planning your annual family trip. Have organic snacks around for when your family gets the munchies and make sure to use organic ingredients in your cooking and you’re good to go.

Organic Snacks for the Season

Here are some wonderful organic snacks that are perfectly in tune with the Christmas spirit and are ideal for your family to snack on during the holidays while they wait for the scrumptious Christmas dinner.

  • Snowman Cheese balls

Make a cute snowman out of organic cream cheese that is enhanced in flavour using various spices and flavourings and mould it into little balls. Stack them up to form adorable little snowmen waiting on organic crackers or croutons for a great appetizer or a snack.

  • Go Green! (And Red!)

Incorporate Christmassy colours into your snacks by picking attractive greens, maybe leafy greens for salads or reds, bell peppers or chilli peppers. Convert simple cheese pasta into a Christmas snack by making the colors the main element of the dish.

  • Try Pies. Tiny Pies.

Mini pies can be the easiest to make, and they also allow you the greatest creative freedom. You can put in anything in your pie from spiced minced meat to sweet diced fruit, and they all are wonderfully appetizing. Choose the best organic meats and fruit from the market and you have yourself a wonderful organic snack.

  • Everyone loves cake!

Bake lots of cakes and cupcakes and sprinkle on red and green sprinkles for a Christmassy feel. Add a cherry on top and maybe eyes and nose for a little plump cupcake-man. You could have your whole family join in on baking gingerbread cookies or other types of cakes and choose the freshest organic ingredients to ensure your health.

Tips for Cooking Organic During the Season

It’s not just the yummy organic snacks mind you; you have to make sure that your entire family is eating the healthiest of food during the Christmas spread. Here are a few tricks you can follow to ensure that the food on your table stays fresh and organic.

  • Fresh meat

Meat is an important part of a Christmas dinner, and you should make sure that your dishes only contain the freshest organic meat products. If you want the freshest, it might mean that you might have to wake up a little earlier in the morning and stand in the queue a little longer at your local meat shop, but your family deserves the best!

  • Side dishes

Along with your elaborately prepared dishes, make sure that there are plenty of nuts, fresh fruit and fresh salads available as salads. Make sure that your carbohydrates are whole grain and not more refined varieties so that the nutritional value of the delicious Christmas dinner is intact.

  • Cooking oil

Try using alternatives to frying food like baking or steaming, these methods also help to retain the flavour elements as well. For dishes that require oil, choose organic coconut oil as it does not oxidize on heating, unlike other cooking oils, causing the cell structure in the food item to deteriorate.

Keeping your family healthy has to be a primary concern at all times, and what better time to start a nutrition friendly diet planthan during the season of love and giving. This Christmas, make sure that your family gets the best regarding nutrition and care by serving only organic food at your dinner table. Keep those yummy organic snacks around too, to keep them from stealing food from the stovetop!


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