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Anorexia nervosa, popularly referred to as anorexia, is basically a disorder related to appetite. An anorexic person eats less food, which further leads to severe weight loss. Some of the common symptoms of anorexia are abnormal low body weight, fear of weight gain and inaccurate perception of body weight.

As per the National Alliance on Mental Illness, adolescent women are most likely to suffer from this ailment. In a few rare cases, it has been diagnosed in children as young as seven years of age and adults of 80 years. Well, there are no clear reasons behind it but it generally occurs due to emotional, psychological, social and physical factors.

Those suffering from anorexia often consume less calories, follow abnormal eating habits and exercise extensively. In extreme cases, a few also use laxatives and induce vomiting to take out whatever they have consumed.

If not treated on time, it can lead to several health complications like abnormal heart rhythm, anemia, kidney ailments and much more.

So, we bring to you a few foods, which help in increasing appetite and thus, treat anorexia. Take a look.

  1. Garlic

Although it might sound a bit weird but garlic is a great remedy for anorexia. It is so because it works as a natural stimulant for appetite. It also secretes juices that further clean the digestive system thoroughly.

Just take a few finely-chopped garlic cloves and add them to one cup of water. Boil the liquid for a few minutes and then, strain it. Now dissolve two tablespoons of lemon juice and a pinch of rock salt in it. Later drink this concoction two ties in a day for about a few weeks.

  1. Ginger

Ginger too is helpful in stimulating the appetite. Therefore, t is a great remedy just like garlic. It makes you feel hungry, thus increasing your diet. Moreover, it calms the nerves and reduces anxiety.

To use it, mix half teaspoon of chopped ginger and a pinch of rock salt together. Consume it half an hour before every meal. Do it for a few months to improve your appetite.

Prepare another mixture by mixing half teaspoon of ginger paste, a pinch of asafetida and black pepper and some lemon juice. Consume it daily on empty stomach. Drinking ginger tea can also help in boosting hunger.

  1. Herbal Tea

Several varieties of herbal teas are known to improve digestion and thus increase hunger. A cup of rejuvenating herbal tea like green, sage, chamomile and thyme not only boosts appetite but also fights against stress, fatigue and anxiety. Other benefits include improving mental focus, providing energy and keeping you hydrated.

Just choose a herbal tea as per your taste and drink it two times in a day. This will surely increase your appetite.

  1. Oranges

Oranges too are effective in treating anorexia owing to its appetite stimulating property. Moreover, they improve the functioning of digestive system. This is an essential quality as only a clean and healthy digestive system improves hunger. Besides, the fragrance of orange not only boosts mood but also calms the mind and treats depression and anxiety.

So, whether you eat oranges daily or drink a glass of orange juice, make sure you do incorporate it in your daily diet. If you wish you can add a pinch of rock salt and black pepper powder to the juice to enhance its flavor.

  1. Mint

Mint is again a natural appetizer and therefore, can be used for treating anorexia. Owing to a strong and distinct taste, and attractive aroma, mint helps in boosting appetite. All the more, it relieves heightened emotional stress, which is one of the major causes behind loss of appetite.

Drinking two teaspoons of fresh mint juice in the morning is quite an effective remedy for anorexia. One can also consume two cups of mint tea daily. To make it, take a few dry mint leaves and dip them in a cup of hot water. After 10 minutes, strain the liquid and drink it.



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