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Healthy joints are a way to enjoy life to full. Be you an outdoor lover or just a family person your daily routine and overall quality of life gets affected by the health of your joints. Soreness, inflammation, pain and tenderness in joints can affect your socialising activities, excursions and other outdoor and indoor chores of life, if you are experiencing any such symptoms for your joints. Maintaining healthy muscles and joints is no big deal with little timely concentration and right treatment given to them. Old age definitely adds to probability of having joint problems but again it can be delayed, overcome or even completely avoided with little conscious effort made to keep your joints healthy.

Discussing lifestyle habits one can opt for, to ensure healthy joints will be the key topic for the following blog. Here we will be talking about some myths, facts, daily routine exercises or just activities which can help you enjoy better joint health for longer time and experience better quality of life.

What are you eating?

Foremost thing that comes to mind while discussing bones and joints health is the nutrition you get from your diet. Diet providing necessary nutrients like calcium, proteins, vitamins and lubricants (healthy fats) is a must and first step towards taking responsibility of your bones and joints. There is no common rule or measurements chart for diet and your dietician can help you plan your diet as per the needs of your body based on your age, body type and other body needs. Sometimes joint health promoting supplements might be suggested to ensure richness of calcium or other essential vitamins (D,C and K) in diet. Over and under consumption should be strictly watched and avoided. For early starters certain food items like flaxseeds, tofu, salmon and walnuts can themselves act positively for joints and muscles when included in diet regularly.

Know your stats well before starting on your journey for healthy joints!

Starting at early age is always benefitting because when not much harm has been caused protecting the joints against any harm is easier. But when it comes to working towards your health, you are never late. Realising that your joints are suffering is an eye opener and not too late either. Talk to your physician about your joints related queries, get complete view of the current state of your joints and make your health goals accordingly. As per naturopathy experts from around the world, for those with aching, inflamed or sore joints sticking to specific diet changes like avoiding acidic food, saturated fats and even spicy food is suggested to avoid worsening the situation.

Exercising is the key to both promoting and maintaining strength of joints and muscles.

You have to be careful while deciding on a regime, intensity of workout and off course the kind of exercises you are opting for. Seek help from your physical trainers or physiotherapist to ensure you are doing nothing in excess or not harming your joints unintentionally. Slow start and consistency works wonders for your joints and this is the golden rule. Once set on a set of exercises keeping in mind the present condition of your joints, stick to the routine in a disciplined fashion (minimum of 20 minutes daily) for best results. Achy or tender joints might make you give in to less active lifestyle but this could be more harmful for you with just temporary benefits. Opt to move, exercise and keep the joints mobile with less strenuous but strength building exercises and activities and this one habit will go long way in ensuring mobility and strength of joints.

Exercising is way to keeping the joints warm and so is massage.

No, massage even regular massage can in no way replace routine exercise but yes has very definite and positive effects for those already suffering with joint health issues. Massaging with any oil provides good heat to the joints and helps relieve stiffness in the muscles plus it is the softest way to care for your aching joints. But it should be clearly bore in mind that it has temporary effects. Disciplined massage treatment with joint, muscle and nerve relaxing oils or pain relieving oils like walnut oil, eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, lemon grass oil, argon oil, grapeseed oil or other known to reduce inflammation and stiffness of joints can benefit for sure. Sometimes hot and cold packs are also suggested for aching muscle to relive them but again advice from professionals is better to be taken.

When no-medicine treatment options are being looked for one can try alternative therapies like acupressure, yoga and naturopathy. All these work in slow but directed way towards giving you better joints and come with a promise of having no side effects.

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