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Whenever we listen about a person suffering from a respiratory disease, the very first assumption we make about that person is whether he smoke a lot or he lives in a much polluted area. But, this is not the case every time. There might be a variation in the reasoning of that particular disease.

The respiratory diseases cause a person discomfort in breathing. The increasing pollution is just a part of the reason behind such a disease. There are many more things that affect a person’s breathing abilities. Now-a-days, we find young kids smoking around and find this thing cool but they don’t understand that this habit would soon create some permanent issues for them.

Be it cigarettes or the very famous “hookahs” both are the same. They both have the same effects on a human body. People have a misconception that hookahs do not have a bad effect on our body but, this is false. No matter it has tobacco or not, you are still inhaling some smoke and then releasing it. There is hardly any difference in the process of smoking a cigarette or a hookah.

The way there is a variety of hookah flavours in the market, similarly, there is a variety of respiratory diseases in the market for instance, allergic bronchitis, asthma, frequent breathlessness, etc. These diseases have the capability of making a person feel discomfort while breathing whenever they are outdoors or indoors.

There are ways through which one can prevent these diseases and keep their lungs healthy. One must follow the following steps:

  • If a person has a habit of smoking, and cannot control or resist without smoking he may use some organic smoke that wouldn’t harm his lungs and would keep his lungs healthy and fit. Also these are suitable for people who are addicted to smoking 1 pack of cigarettes every day.

  • Whenever you find someone smoking near you or you travel through an area that is very smoky and polluted, always make sure that you carry a mask for yourself to avoid any disturbance in breathing.
  • People who are already suffering from asthma must take care of themselves when travelling in a polluted area or when standing near a person who is smoking. They may use supplements that help them in breathing in a proper way without much disturbance.

  • When considering the statistics, nearly 75% of the people are suffering from acute or chronic bronchitis. Bronchitis is a disease that increases coughing in any and every situation. Some have allergy of the changing weather, some are allergic to dust and pollution. In this case, people suffering from this respiratory problem must take care of the environment around them and take some supplements that help them in curing this disease.

  • These days we may also find a very common problem among people, especially young kids, sinus or increased cough and cold. Sinus is a problem that increases cold during change of climate, or there may be chances when sinus mostly keeps the nose of the affected person blocked. This becomes very irritating for a person, to have a permanent blocked nose. The person affected must take some suitable supplements that may make them feel relieved during congestion and even during seasonal congestions.

There is a very common fact that no other disease makes a person so much affected, that respiratory diseases do. Even a small difficulty in breathing may make a person irritated and frustrated to an extreme level. This irritation is very common among people who are suffering from such diseases. At this point of time, no relaxation therapy works. All that is helpful is something that can help the person in breathing normally.

Now to clear out the fallacy of smoking being cool, it is a bog no. there is nothing cool in smoking cigarettes. May be the kids aren’t aware of the fact that this smoking habit has made many people suffer from lungs cancer and many families to lose their bread and butter gainer. A person should always keep this thing in mind that smoking never makes you look cool, but actually after a certain age when this habit increases, it makes you look older than your age. Also for girls who find this very cool and stylish to hold a cigarette in your hand, no again this is just a misinterpretation. However, some people find this habit very stress relieving. But this is again a fallacy as drugs in the cigarettes are nothing but some mind relaxation drugs that makes the nerves of your brain weak.

There are ways to release your stress that are not even harmful to any part of your body. Why not to adopt those ways rather than just polluting your own environment and then complaining about the amount of pollution there is.


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