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Some are too fat, some are fat. Some are too thin, while others are thin. The only thing common among all of them is none of them are content with what they are…every one of us is aspiring for that perfect figure that seems to escape us no matter what. Weight problems are something that has become so common in every one’s life that we don’t understand the enormity of it anymore.

But the last thing you should take lightly is issues with your weight. Understandably a lot of us have taken various measures to eradicate this persistent issue but most of us fail to attain our ultimatum and hence we give up.

Worry not dear readers, exercising and dieting and eating a lot (for those of us fed up with being too thin) may be important but they are not the only way to achieve that perfect figure you have been dreaming about. Eating the right food and doing the right exercises which are effective but not overly taxing could do the trick.

Certain organic products when taken at proper times with proper care have helped a lot of people lose/gain weight with ease.

Certain foods that help lose weight:

  • Eat more organic fruits: fruits are the first thing that a doctor or a dietician suggests for losing weight effectively. Fruits these days are not what they used to be. The use of pesticides while growing them and the wax coating to make them look fresh and juicy are not good for one’s health. Therefore organic fruits are more preferable.
  • Beans: due to having high contents of vitamins, minerals and fibers, they reduce hunger pangs and therefore, assist in weight loss.
  • Green tea: Joybynature Organic Green Tea 100gm, Joybynature Organic Weight Loss Combo
  • Turmeric: helps to lose weight and eliminates bad cholesterol, it’s a plus point for Indians who use turmeric in almost all their dishes. It helps eliminate blood pressure.
  • Garlic: It has anti-inflammatory properties that also help in burning fat deposits. Garlic has many other health benefits that will encourage you to include it in your diet. 
  • There are even certain medications available in market one can consume under prescription from the right doctor to lose weight. Slim Fit - Fat Reducing, Slimming, Fat Burner, Obesity Control Supplement
  • Brown bread over white bread. The levels of fats in white breads are way higher than that in brown breads. Queen's Quinoa - Quinoa Grain - Naturally Grown 250gm

Ways to gain weight:

  • Drink milk
  • Eat more often
  • Add cream to your coffee
  • Sleep for long hours
  • Don’t drink water before sleep
  • There are even certain medications available in market one can consume under prescription from the right doctor to gain weight. Jeewan Amrit - Body Growth, Weight Gain, Appetizer, Immunity Booster Capsules and Be Well - Body Growth, Weight Gain, Appetizer, Immunity Booster Capsules

Why Organic?

  • Contain higher concentrations of antioxidants than conventionally grown foods. While an organic apple and a conventionally grown apple may both contain the same number of vitamins and antioxidants, the organic apple is much smaller, meaning that it contains more of them per ounce.
  • Pesticides that are used while growing crops tend to leak into the crops along with other soil components. These pesticides mess with our weight when they enter our body through the food chain. Defenders of conventional crops say, however, that any pesticide residue found on produce is too small to have real impact – whether on your overall health or your weight.

In the busy sphere of today’s world, health might have taken a back seat but it will come to haunt you when you would least expect it to. Therefore proper care now would securely eliminate any chance of that happening in future. Proper diet is required whether you are under weight, overweight or of the right weight. And what better way to make your diet healthy than going organic?


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