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The benefits of yoga are well known and that has led to the sudden increase in its popularity all over the world. Yoga is an art in its practice and it can help you to stay healthy in a natural way. What is even more, important than practicing yoga? Practicing yoga on your own. A regular routine of home yoga practice has numerous benefits that will improve your mind and body in ways you wouldn’t have guessed.

Benefits of practicing yoga at home

  • Get to know yourself

Having a home yoga practice routine is a great time to get to know your body and mind and its strengths and weaknesses. By practicing yoga, which in itself is a largely calming and soothing experience, help your mind and body coexist on the same plane while interacting with each other.

  • Help yourself

As you practice yoga on your own you are practicing an advanced form of self-help whereby you can assess your physical and emotional standing from a detached viewpoint. This will help you to understand your needs in a more comprehensive manner and answer them better,

  • Indulge in yourself

When you practice yoga on your own you are spending time with yourself and you are spending it on yourself. Taking care of your body’s health is the best form of self-indulgence there is and you get to decide the terms at which you do it

  • Feel the growth

Practicing yoga by yourself regularly will ensure that you receive long-term results from the effects of the exertion. A regular regimen will help your body to get used to the stretches and pulls and tone itself accordingly.

How do I get started?

Now you’re interested. Before you begin your daily yoga routine here are a few things you should keep in mind so that you have a healthy body and mind.

  • Embrace the calm: Before you begin with doing yoga poses, start in a seated position or even lying down and find your inner quiet. Make sure your surroundings are quiet and distraction free before you begin.
  • Choose your objective: Are you looking to relax or do you want a more invigorating routine? Choose your poses accordingly depending on your mood and how much time you have to spare.
  • Pick poses you love: Doing things you love to do will ensure that you never tire. You don’t necessarily have to do the most difficult poses or the ones you just can’t seem to get right, do the ones that make you feel good because those are the ones that will have the most positive effect on your body.
  • Have complete movement: Choose poses in such a way that you will have moved in all directions by the end of your routine. Make sure that you incorporate different types of movements into the time that you spend on yoga.

Enhance your practice with essential oils

Essential oils have numerous benefits some of which include the ability to change the way that you think and to improve your concentration. Certain essential oils are known to improve your body’s response to yoga and it helps to improve your health as well as your concentration and focus.

  • Ginger and Cedar wood

The ginger essential oil is known for its properties to encourage making resolutions and to improve the ability to stick to decisions. The oil of cedar wood is well known for its abilities to improve the endurance of the mind and body and increase endurance. Together along with the oil of Germanium which helps promote stability, they help to increase a person’s willpower.

  • Sandalwood

The sandalwood essential oil is useful in quieting mental activity and helps to attain mental peace and calm. When used with the essence of black pepper and cedar it helps to instill inspiration to continue the yoga practice with concentration and diligence.

  • Rosemary

The essential oil of rosemary helps to boost mental clarity and enhance focus. This in turn aids focused yoga and meditation. When used in a mixture with cedar wood and rose, the essential oils  form a mixture that aids the increase of physical and mental strength.

A regular yoga practice can help to improve your mental, physical and emotional health by encouraging your mind and body to find inner calm and peace. By using the power of essential oils you will be able to reach new heights of concentration and inner peace.


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