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Mandarins are the luxurious fruit from the orange family and they taste absolutely divine. They are good for your taste buds and of course for your diets and digestive system as well. But one other way that mandarins help out a lot, are in the form of the essential oil. Oils extracted from mandarins have a wonderfully citric aroma and are commonly used in skin care products and for aromatherapy treatments.

You too can try some amazing uses of mandarin oil at home. Just remember to mix it with a carrier oil before application to the skin as it can be too strong to apply directly.

  1. Treats Infections

In case of wounds, cuts or bruises, if the skin is not cleaned properly it can become a harboring ground for bacteria and viruses and eventually make the wound infected and septic. Mandarin oil has antiseptic properties which can prevent this from happening. Mix some mandarin oil with coconut oil and apply to the cuts or the wound. It creates a protective layer on the skin and the antiseptic formulation kills the bacteria and keeps the wound free from infection.

  1. Treats Spasms

In case of a rigorous workout or a mishap, one can often contract a spasm in any part of the body. These spasms are a pull in the muscles and can cause immense discomfort if not treated properly in time. A spasm can occur anywhere – it can happen with a muscle pull in the back, or an internal spasm in the digestive system which can cause vomiting. Muscle spasms in the stomach can also lead to cramps which often happen if you sit in an uncomfortable position for a long time. Mandarin oil has antispasmodic properties which relaxes the muscles and treats the spasm. Just apply it topically on the affected region and massage it well.

  1. Makes The Skin Glow

Mandarin oil has citric properties which makes it an excellent cleansing agent. It helps to remove dead skin cells that accumulate on the skin and helps to brighten it. It also boosts cellular regeneration which encourages growth of healthy new skin cells making the skin look youthful and more radiant. With the antibacterial properties it also helps treat problems such as pimples, acne and other infections. Mix mandarin oil with olive oil and apply it on the affected area using a cotton bud. Leave it on for a couple of minutes and then wash it off.

  1. Improves Blood Flow

Essential oils are often used in spa and aromatherapy treatments as they boost blood circulation in the body. Similarly, mandarin oil is also very effective in improving the blood flow to various organs. Mandarin oil also helps to cleanse and detox the body by removing the toxins from within. It purifies the blood and boosts overall health which is very effective in keeping numerous ailments and illnesses at bay. Use mandarin oil mixed with olive oil for a full body massage once a week and you will start to notice the difference.

  1. Helps You Relax

Mandarin oil is a natural sedative and it helps to calm the nervous system allowing the body to relax. Due to its natural properties, it is entirely harmless and can be beneficial for the whole family. After a long and tense day at work, head back home and add a few drops of mandarin essential oil to the diffuser in your room. The aroma can soothe tense muscles and nerves and can put you in a calmer state of mind. Alternatively, mandarin essential oil can also be added to bath water to help you relax.

  1. Helps Digestion

The citrusy aroma of mandarin oil aids the digestive system of the body. The aroma of the oil helps to regulate the release of bile from the liver which aids the digestive process and thus helps the organ function more efficiently.

Start by bringing home a bottle of mandarin essential oil and let it show you the magic it can do to your physical and mental health.


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