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Peppermint is traditional to Europe, however it is now used worldwide for its natural and medicinal properties. It contains menthol, menthone and menthyl esters and hence it is used in a variety of products such as soaps, cleansers, shampoos, toothpaste and gum. The leaves of the herb are also used in tea to add a natural and refreshing flavor. In terms of nutritional content, peppermint contains calcium, magnesium, iron, essential vitamins and also omeg-3 fatty acids.

Here are some of the natural health benefits of using peppermint oil.

  1. Nail Care

Peppermint oil has antifungal properties that treat infections caused due to fungal growth. When applied on the affected region on the nail, peppermint oil can prevent the occurrence of fungal infections.

  1. Relieves Nausea

Applying diluted peppermint oil on the forehead can relieve headaches. Along with this, inhaling peppermint oil from a handkerchief can help eliminate the feeling of nausea caused due to stomach flu or motion sickness of any kind. It has a relaxing, anti inflammatory and cooling effect which reduces pain of migraine or feeling of nausea in a matter of minutes.

  1. Helps Respiratory Problems

Peppermint is rich in menthol which has soothing and cooling qualities. Hence you find many lozenges with a peppermint flavor. The menthol helps to cool the insides and clear the respiratory track from congestion or mucus. It is also used in vapor rubs for a similar treatment for respiratory problems. It can be used to treat sinus, congestion, bronchitis, cough and even asthma.

  1. Relieves Pain

Peppermint oil has a soothing effect on the muscles and nerves and can help reduce pain in any part of the body. When applied topically on a sore region, the peppermint oil soothes the area and has a cooling effect which provides comfort to the muscles and can help alleviate the pain. It also helps to reduce swellings and minimize the risk of inflammation.

  1. Improves Blood Circulation

The olfactory senses are affected due to the fragrance of peppermint oil which then increases the rate of the pulse and blood circulation in the body. Hence it is very commonly used in aromatherapy treatments. The stimulating fragrance signals the body to boost the metabolism and help oxygenate the organs and the brain thus stimulating their respective functions. This can prevent neuro degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and even improve memory and cognitive function. The improved blood circulation also helps those with diabetes to ensure that low glucose levels do not cause a blood sugar imbalance.

  1. Hair Care

Peppermint is very commonly used in shampoos. It has a soothing effect on the scalp which can prevent flakiness, dandruff and even lice. The cooling effect also boosts the hair follicle which can encourage hair growth. The antiseptic properties also prevent irritation of the scalp due to dandruff or product buildup. The regenerative properties of the oil also make it a useful treatment for baldness and hair loss and hence it is used in various hair care products.          

  1. Immunity Booster

Peppermint oil is used for those who regularly suffer from allergic reactions or common illnesses such as colds and coughs. It strengthens the weakened immune system and the antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties fight against any infections that develop in the body. Since it contains camphor, carvacrol and menthol, it can fight against most bacteria and keep the body well protected from foreign pathogens.

  1. Stress Buster

Peppermint oil fragrance is used in aromatherapy because it is an excellent stress buster too. It cools the mind and provides immediate relief from anxiety, fear, worries and other mental stressors. It also has a refreshing quality which can instantly uplift the mood. By boosting the mental activity, it strengthens mental focus and the brain’s cognitive ability.

It’s true; one little bottle of peppermint oil on your night stand is all you need to ensure consistent good health for your family.


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