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A roll on is a mixture of essential oils combined and blended together to ease you from your problems. They are usually stored in a bottle which easily rolls on your skin so that you gain maximum benefits in the least possible time. It is a type of aromatherapy that relaxes you and lowers the intensity of your problems like stress, tension, headache etc, it also works as a great mood setter. It can also double as a body mist. Let’s look at some of the best benefits you can get from various roll-ons.

  1. Headache Relief


Everyone has been through at least one horrible headache in our lifetime. Even a minute disruption in this period is very painful. It feels like somebody is banging a hammer and nail in the head, even if somebody knocks the door. We try everything to reduce the pain, like drinking tea/coffee, eating chocolate, having a medicine, when nothing works, we even apply the foul odored balm on our forehead, but the yucky smell, it sometimes adds to the existing problem, besides people turn up their nose at you, further worsening the pain. I have a very easy and fragrant solution for you. God forbid but next time when you suffer from a headache, try a headache relief roll on. This aromatic roll on will relieve you from your headache quickly. It is made out of mint and rosemary essential oil. Mint contains menthol which instantly calms you down and numbs your pain. In addition to mint, rosemary stimulates the nervous system and improves the blood circulation hence instantly relieving you from a headache. To know more about this roll on, click here.


  1. Jet Lag


We are are always pretty excited to go overseas, we take care of every single detail in our packing, we follow the instructions, given by the experienced, to the t, but no matter how carefully we prepare, there is one thing we cannot beat and that’s jet lag. The timing difference is the biggest pain. Though I cannot promise to solve your jet lag related issues, but this solution can at least relieve you from the fatigue, motion sickness and digestive issues. Ginger oil aids digestion, clove oil relieves stress, peppermint oil relieves motion sickness and nausea, nutmeg oil revives the body and mind reducing drowsiness. To benefit more from this roll on, click here.


  1. Anti Snoring


Doesn’t matter whether you snore or not, it’s always advisable to keep this roll on handy, especially when you are traveling or visiting family and friends, because even if you don’t snore, the person you are sharing your room with, might and trust me, you don’t want anyone to interrupt your good night’s sleep. If ever you share your room with a snorer, either you can hand it over to them or quickly and quietly dab it on their temples, forehead and beneath the nose. The lavender essential oil, will relieve the stress and help you to relax, marjoram will tighten the vibrating tissues. To know more about this amazing roll on, click here.


  1. PMS Relieving


PMSing is a physical or emotional symptom that usually occur a week or two before a woman’s period. It can range for experiencing mood swings, acne, bloating etc. This roll on is a blend of grapefruit oil, geranium oil and lavender oil. Lavender oil reduces the anxiety and stress, grapefruit oil boosts energy, geranium balances the body, mind and hormones. It relieves the body from fatigue, restlessness and depression. To know this roll on better, click here.


  1. Immunity Boost


We all know that health is wealth, which can be attained by having a good immune system. This roll on is a blend of eucalyptus oil, which helps to fight a cough, cold and flu, lemon extract that cleanse the respiratory system and elevate the mood, reducing the stress, tea tree oil, which is antibacterial, antifungal and anti-viral, thus keeping the infections at bay. It is also fortified with rosemary which helps to calm down the nervous system reduce mental fatigue. To benefit more from this roll on, click here.


These roll-ons are really very handy can easily fit in your travel luggage, without adding much to the weight. These can be used anywhere, anytime and by anyone. I hope you will give them a try, do let me know, how each one worked for you.


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