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Indian men hold top positions in libido charts but also in premature ejaculation statistics. Whether it is heightened excitement or a deprived sex life, orgasming too soon may seem funny to some people who do not experience the problem but say that to the hundreds of thousands of men embarassed by this condition. It could very well be a disease due to how effectively it cuts sex lives and passion in the bedroom.

Understanding premature ejaculation and opting for herbal remedies to cure it is a safe and relatively speedy way to overcoming the issue. With herbals you get absolutely no sideffects while gaining a world’s worth of health and sexual benefits.

  1. What Exactly Causes Premature Ejaculation?

There is no sole cause for it but multiple ways through which this condition happens.

  • The man no longer feels sexual pleasure to his fullest. To all intents and purposes, he is bored of sex (this is not as uncommon as you may believe).
  • Psychological problems are another major cause. This includes depression, anxiety, stress, fear, anger, embarrassment, frustration, guilt, personal pressure, and so on. These emotions cull sexual desire and, even if a man gets it up he will quickly conclude.
  • As contrary as it may seem, an increased desire for sex can cause a man to orgasm too fast. The same applies if he has been or gone without sex for a long time and then meets with an opportunity. In fact, most virgin men experiencing their first sexual act will ejaculate prematurely.
  • Cholesterol is one of the negative factors involved in speedy orgasms; especially cholesterol in the penis’s blood vessels. This leads to weak control over the sphincter, which in turn narrows or thickens the blood vessels in the genital region. As a consequence, blood supply to the prostate and penile areas is strangled, resulting in strain and a quick flush-out (orgasm).

Lack of control is the problem. If all is well, meaning if all is healthy in a man’s genitalia, longer sexual performances will occur and prove that state. It is not a sign of ‘speed, vigor, adrenaline, agility, and passion’ if you ejaculate prematurely.


Several men adopt that as an excuse and do not try to get healthy. Your body has ways of showing you it is lacking something, and premature ejaculation is one of those ways.

  1. How to Stop Ejaculating Prematurely?

We did not wish to wait too long before offering adequate answers to this conundrum. There are several key ways to stop this condition and start living your life to the fullest; enriching your sex life, especially. Below is one of them...



All men do it, at some point in their lives at least. This is both the problem and the solution. If you masturbate too often and then find a chance to have sex, you will orgasm too soon or not at all; your penis may be limp and not grow erect when you want it to.


This can be a huge source of embarrassment. You will need to plan this out an hour before sex; you need to know when you are going to indulge in the act. Dry-masturbate without any lotion (including soap) and stop a bit before orgasming. Repeat this step 3-4 times and make absolutely certain that you do not spill your seed. You may ejaculate after the fourth start-and-stop attempt.


This practice grants you increased control over your ejaculation timing. It does not stop there. Gradually increase stimulation. Start with lubrication and follow the same process as above. Once you have grown familiar with that, ask your partner to masturbate you and follow the start-stop technique. Then do the same for actual penetration.


When you have mastered this method, you will most certainly gain remarkable control over your orgasm and will enjoy prolonged sexual performance.





  1. Is There A Permanent Cure For Premature Ejaculation?

Sadly, no. There is no vaccine or capsule out there that serves as a cure-all for a man’s sexual health; in this case, orgasming too soon.

  • You need to follow methods and techniques to help train your genitals to orgasm over time and not quickly.
  • There are quality penis pumps on the market that help promote blood flow through your member while elongating and thickening it naturally using water and/or air pressure.
  • You also have herbal products that are fully organic and natural and work over time to help you develop noteworthy control over your sexual impulses. A direct result of this is increase in time before ejaculation.


There is nothing to be ashamed of or feel guilty about when it comes to sex and premature ejaculation. It is a matter of experience and practice – both the act itself and methods to help you extend your orgasm. There is help and support, so stop feeling shy or alone. You can, in time, get over this problem.


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