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Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most emotionally painful diseases that can happen to anyone. It is not only taxing for the patient but can be an emotionally draining process for the caretakers as well. It is a chronic neurodegenerative condition that affects the memory retaining power of an individual. It starts off with someone forgetting simple daily chores and can go as far as completely erasing all your memory ultimately leading to death. There is no cure for Alzheimer’s however, there are certain healthy organic food if consumed in organic forms that can help your body to reduce the chances of one acquiring this fate and aid in Alzheimer's Prevention. The cause of Alzheimer’s disease is still not known, it may be genetic could be caused due to depression, head injuries, stress or other malignant issues. Alzheimer’s disease is one of the scariest diseases that could affect anyone.

So here are the top foods that you can help you to stall the onset of this disease as much as possible, consuming it in the Organic form is ideal-

  1. Leafy Greens and vegetable- Organic Vegetables are the least favourite foods of most people, but they are full of vitamins and minerals that will help your body function properly. Organic Leafy greens like spinach; Kale Pak Choy and the sort are rich in iron, vitamin B and Folic acids. Iron will help create haemoglobin that will carry oxygen to various parts of the body. Folic acids help stimulate the nervous system, thus aiding in the brain working in a sharp way. Sufficient Folate in the system will also improve cognitive skills and reduce depression, as a result pushing the onset of the dreaded Alzheimer’s disease and help in Alzheimer's Prevention.

  1. Organic Whole Grains- Organic Whole Grains especially the unpolished variety are very healthy. While choosing rice one should ensure that the grains are long and unpolished. It is preferable to consume ‘coloured’ Organic rice than the white ones. The Organic black Rice for one is extremely healthy and full of amazing healing powers. It is the one super food with the highest anti-oxidising power. Even though whole grains are good, the gluten frees variety in a better option to consume. Wheat today is quite adulterated. Wheat also takes the digestive system a longer time of breakdown and absorb. Organic Quinoa is also a good option for Alzheimer's Prevention.

  1. Organic Nuts and Organic Seeds- Organic Almonds, Organic Pumpkin seeds, Organic cashews and the sort and rich in magnesium and zinc, which aids the brain cells to perform in a sharper way. It helps in neuron function activities critical for the proper functioning of the brain and help in Alzheimer's Prevention. Organic Flaxseeds are high in Omega 3. Omega 3 is excellent to keep the brain alert and functioning well. These are easily available at any health store around the corner or a click away.
  2. Organic Spices- Spices like Organic Cinnamon, Organic turmeric, Organic sage and Organic cumin aid to help to break the plaque in the brain; they also reduce any sort of inflammation. These spices also enhance the memory retention. These spices also act as fat burners and control blood pressure and diabetes. Hypertension has its effects on the brain, thus, consuming these foods in moderation will help to control the blood pressure levels, thus also preserving the health of the brain thus Alzheimer's Prevention.

  1. Bananas- Bananas for one are very rich in Potassium. Potassium is required for proper brain activity. It helps to make the brain sharper and alert. Thus, decreasing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease from setting it. It is also a mood regulator, thus keeping depression at bay. It is also full of Vitamin B and Folic acids which are good to stimulate neuron function activities and Alzheimer's Prevention

There is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease as yet. Consuming these foods will not completely prevent Alzheimer’s disease from setting in, but will help to combat some of the other reasons that could cause Alzheimer’s disease to occur and start eating away your brain.

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