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 We could feel the winter is coming as the days are getting shorter and the nights longer. With these natural environmental changes, care of skin and lips needs special attention to remain soft and soothe. One has to certainly change the skin care regimen with the change in climatic conditions that can serve soft and moisturized lips throughout the cold season. The cold breeze of winter damages lips foremost in the body, by making them dry, chapped and cracked. One will constantly feel the peeling off skin, flaking and pain, which also make look your face indifferent. Take the extra care of skin of lips by using natural lip balms which are completely safe for your skin.

Imagine, how you would feel with the cracked lips while having a fireplace date with your loved one? It would not be less than an embarrassing moment for anyone. Winter does take lot from lips. With the decreasing temperature, cold wind of winter snatches moisture out of our skin and makes it dry. Here is when one needs to take lots of measures to combat with the biting winter season to protect lips. Sometimes, one may feel bleeding from lips in the season of winter if the lips remain chapped severely. Women cannot even put their favorite color lipstick on their lips as lipstick will damage the skin more than it is, already. To protect lips from the natural changes, nothing can be better than organic natural lip balms to fight with chilly winters.

Know what actually worsens Lips in winter

With the coming of winter season, moisture of skin flew away from us wherein lips are the most vulnerable part of body. The skin of lips is the most sensitive part of the body which incurs no oil glands to keep lips moisturized in any kind of climatic condition. Therefore, even a little touch of harshness can damage lips by chapping and drying it up. The dry chilly winter wind is the central reason of all lip causes. Have a glimpse on some of the other reasons too:




  • Intake of much alcohol and smoke in winters will lead to the dry lips.
  • Dehydration in body can also dry up lips because of the less intake of water in body.
  • Lips can also worsen with the excessive use of lipstick in winters.
  • Sleeping with lip make up and lipstick especially in winters lessens the moisture of lip skin.

 Lip Balm

  • Too much of chemical incurred lip balms which contain ingredients like alcohol and retinol damages lip skin not removing it while sleeping.
  • Aging can also be one of the reasons.

Take extra care of lips in winter

In the cold chilly winter, lip care is not just essential for retaining a beautiful appearance but also the signs of chapped, jarred and scaly lips reflect the unhealthiness of body. Now, getting soft and glossy lips during the winter season does not just remains a dream, it can be true if only one follows the below given tips:


  • One should keep herself/himself hydrated drinking lots of water.
  • Use the natural lip balms to protect lips from cold breezes.
  • Frequent licking of lips also leads to dryness in the skin of lips. They do give the little hydration but in the long run damages skin.
  • Try and take sufficient amount of Vitamin B in winters.


Protect your pretty lips from the cold chilly winters and use organic lip balms to cover its moisture during winters. Click here to look for more details.

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