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There are different applications and techniques to use these scented diffuser oils.

Aromatic fragrances wafting through the air and pleasing the senses! Ooh! What a soothing thought! Joybynature brings to you the perfect blend of peace-invoking scents and the superior quality organic elements. These carry with them an array of applications which pleasurably give great results!

Diffusers can be applied Internally, Externally, Topically and Aromatically.

  1. Purify your home

An External application includes having a well-scented atmosphere in your home. It brings about good energy and keeps you motivated and fresh. It will deodorize your house and leave a pleasing impression on the olfactory system.



  1. Say bye to pests

Certain scents deter insects and discourage them to enter your abode. Peppermint works best as an insect-repellent. Eucalyptus, among having various other uses, also has such repellent qualities.

  1. Have a serene sleep– lavender

Lavender diffuser oil permeates into your very being and causes a feeling of calmness to wash over you. It relieves you of all worries so that you can enjoy a sound sleep. Jasmine gives you a soothing sense as well.

  1. Relax and get a massage!

Muscles, joints and tissues get a good relaxation when essential oils are massaged onto them. Effective areas to rub are the spine, back, arms and hands, feet and soles, ears, or the concerned region. This creates an experience of a spa at home for you! So, sit back and let these oils do their magic on your body! Citrus scents like mandarin are a great as massage oils.


There are various techniques of using essential oils during massage which serve different purposes to soothe our body parts. These include:

  1. Vita Flex Technique – Nerve paths are kindled. A Powerful way to obtain maximum benefits of the oils over the entire body. Also, reflex points can be triggered leading to the targeting of a particular area to be invigorated.
  2. Auricular Technique – The specific points on the ears are stimulated by applying oils in that region. This activates emotional and physical centres of the body and helps to sort out related issues. Hence, it aids wellness of the mind and body. Green apple oil works well with this technique
  3. Raindrop Technique – This therapeutic technique helps to achieve better immunity and balance in the body. There are specific steps to be followed. It relieves nervousness and destresses the body.
  4. Using In a Compress – This leads to penetration of oil deeper into the body. A dry cloth is to be covered over a warm wet cloth, which is placed over the region of the body where a few drops of oil are applied. If it gets too warm, a couple of drops of vegetable oil may be applied.
  5. Bath usage – Relaxation is bliss when you are destressing in a scented bath, enjoying every moment as it cleanses your body, mind and soul. This helps you to rest better and be up for new challenges after the cleansing. A foot bath is a great way to soothe overworked feet. Lily is an amazing relaxer.
  6. Naturally protect your skin from the sun

Because eucalyptus oil has a low SPF, you may mix it with your home-made sunscreen and use the same to have an aromatic and protective effect.

  1. Healing properties

Congestion in chest, sinus problems can be resolved by using diffuser oils. These healing benefits make it possible to use these oils as a vapor rub.


  1. Cooking

Vanilla is a popularly used essential oil due to its flavorful properties. Oregano is a good oil which can be used in cooking or baking.

  1. Drinking

Lemon or peppermint oils can be effectively used in drinks to add to their flavour.

  1. Perfumes

Usage of oils in perfumes is a well-known phenomenon. The perfect mixing and blending of various scents is what gives each perfume its peculiar fragrance. The various permutations and combinations thus, provide the wide scope for experimentation and innovation.


  1. Steam

Respiratory issues can be sorted by using these oils in a steam tent of hot water vapor.

  1. Humidifier

Cool air is blown out of humidifiers and sprinkling a few drops of essential oil in the vents helps you to have a fragrant experience which calms your mind.

Thus, as you can see for yourself, essential oils have the above and many more benefits. These are organic and natural ways to heal your body, calm your mind, and reach ecstasy in your soul. Joybynature offers a variety of diffuser oils which will assist you in deriving these benefits. Have an aromatic experience!



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