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Peanut oil is organic oil made from the peanuts.The Central American region used to be the home of peanuts from where they were exported to different regions of the world. At present, peanuts are grown everywhere in China, India, Africa as well as the United States of America. Peanuts taste sweet and tasty.

Peanuts grow in the form of plants, which is named ArachisHypogaea by scientists. Other names for peanut are groundnut, earthnut or ground pea. Peanut is taken in the form of oil, or peanut kernels either in fresh or roasted form. It can be efficiently used in cooking and confectionary as well.

Characteristics of peanut oil


With benefits of providing good calories to the body, peanut oil is yellow in color and tastes sweet. Though, after refining, it may lose some of its proteins and nutrients.

Peanut oil nutrition facts

  • Peanut oil is high in energy.
  • Useful for deep frying because of high smoke point.
  • High-quality lipid profile, steady cooking oil having a long shelf life.

Health benefits of Peanut oil

Peanut oil offers various benefits. Some of these are:

  • Magnificently pleasant: sweet flavored oil has a low content of saturated fats, low cholesterol, and rich in fatty acids. These properties make this oil as one of the healthiest cooking oil.
  • Cholesterol intensity: Most of the vegetable oils are rich in cholesterol. But, peanut oil offers cholesterol free cooking to everyone who uses it. This helps in prevention of heart problems like clogging in arteries. It is used in many forms, hence lessens the level of cholesterols in the body. Not only does it helps in prevention of health complications, but it also assist in reducing the current level of cholesterol in human body.


  • Heart Health: Using peanut oil can lower the probability of atherosclerosis, which can cause harm to your health. The presence of fatty acids raise the level of good cholesterol in the body called HLD. This helps to chafe off LDL, which is bad cholesterol and can cause heart strokes and diseases.
  • Prevention of cancer: High quantity of antioxidants eradicates harmful products from the body which can cause highly deadly diseases to humans like cancer. Benefits of peanut oil are endless. Reports show that using peanut oil can reduce the chances of developing cancer because of the antioxidant properties it contains.
  • Blood pressure: Resveratrol, an antioxidant found in peanut oil is helpful in interrelating with the wide variety of hormones in the body that connect to blood vessels. This antioxidant tends to decrease the blood pressure of the body, leading a person to live a normal and happy life.


  • Overall Boost: Presence of antioxidants in peanut oil can prevent agedness, by repelling the elder age diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. The radicals present in this antioxidant slow up the process of memory and hearing loss very effectively.
  • Kin Health: Peanut oil is rich in Vitamin E, which is very beneficial for human beings. Vitamin E glorifies the health of skin, protects it from effects of free radicals that avoid wrinkles, and other signs of premature ageing. It helps to make your skin look young as you get older.


  • Immune System: One of the most remarkable factors of resveratrol found in peanut oil is the development of your immune system. Antioxidants overcome the effect of viral and fungal infections and reduce the possibility of diseases caused by such microorganisms. So, intake of peanut oil in any form is useful for production of white blood cells in the body which fights against any foreign particles trying to cause harm.

Although peanut oil has many advantages over other oils, still one should not forget the saying “Excess of everything is bad.” Overconsumption of fatty acids can lead to high calories causing degradation of human health. Get your organic peanut oils with just a click from right here.


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