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Having cheat meals almost every day? Having a feeling that your body isn’t coping up with the speed of your life? Then tea is the answer. Tea has multiple health benefits. So, lemon tea must just add on, right? That’s what common sense directs to, and that is what it does. Lemon tea provides the following benefits

  • Vitamin C
  • Bioflavonoid Quercetin
  • Blood sugar control
  • Powerful Limonoids

Lemon is a citrus fruit that is extremely abundant in Vitamin C, which is what keeps the skin glowing. Having lemon tea as the first thing in the morning keeps the skin young and healthy for a long time. Vitamin C is also helpful in repairing bones and teeth (whitening). Quercetin is another chemical present in the bioflavonoid lemon that protects the pancreas from free radicals and also acts as an anti-inflammatory chemical. Adding lemon to tea also reduces the risk of growth of cancer cells according to a study. High blood sugar is another body abnormality that lemon tea can bring to normalcy through the chemical called Hesperidin. Hesperidin is a chemical present in lemon tea that regulates the amount of enzymes produced and keeps high blood sugar in check. Another important cancer curing or cancer preventing chemical present in lemon tea is the limonoid. It is scientifically proven that these limonoids prevent the growth of cancer cells, and this chemical is the cause of death of many cancer cells in the body.

With such great health benefits and proven miracles, lemon tea is one great nutrition package to savor. Lemon tea also acts as a digestive agent. Instead of weighing on tablets and syrups for digestion, lemon tea is a natural digestive agent. Lemons are also known to be mouth cleansers and can kill bacteria in the mouth that causes bad breath. Adding on to these amazing benefits, in aromatherapy, it is said that lemons are primary agents of mood uplifting and that the smell of lemon clears the mind and brightens up the person’s mood. Lemon tea sprinkled with a tinge of mint can taste like heaven, and this combination combats common cold and clears blocked nose.

Gokul International Lemon Tea

This lemon tea instantly brightens up the somber mood in a person. This refreshing lemon tea comes as a packet of 20 tea bags and costs INR 149 only. Purify the body with this great package of lemon tea and keep the body active and fresh. Cleanse out the toxins and maintain proper metabolism with Gokul International Lemon Tea. This package is completely caffeine free.

SOS Organic Himalayan Lemongrass

Lemongrass is proven to cleanse the digestive system and facilitate digestive action in the body. Lemongrass also cools the body and keeps it refreshed from time to time. This packet comes as 50 grams for INR 110. Lemongrass herbs have been used to treat many types of illnesses and hence this product is very much necessary to keep the body going strong and fine.

Chamong Lemongrass and Ginger Tea

Lemongrass and ginger tea makes a great combination for cleansing the whole body, especially the throat. Ginger is known to release throat congestions, and lemongrass is known to cleanse the digestive system, and with this combo, the whole digestive system is made to function perfectly and that is why this combo is the one to go for.

Organic Tulsi Sweet Lemon Tea

Tulsi is the primary ingredient in any curing procedure according to Ayurveda. Tulsi is one of the most effective body cleansers. With Tulsi and lemon, this tea is going to definitely cleanse the body like none other and keep the body going strong for a long time.

Bird Pecks Organic Instant Ginger Lemon Tea Mint Flavored

Ginger, lemon, and mint are three ingredients that cleanse the throat and the digestive system altogether and keeps the body functioning as it should. Lemon, with its greatness of vitamin C, ginger with its characteristics, and mint with its throat clearing capacity is the combination that one needs before a hectic day or a conference.

Teas are a way of life, and herbal teas additionally provide a lot of health benefits as well. Begin your new healthy lifestyle with just a click.


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