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Troubles with the bowel movement are considered to be a real pain in the neck. Once they set in, it becomes tough to manage in many cases. Problems with the bowel can oscillate between two extremes. One end is the mild discomfort in the digestive tract which in turn affects the bowel movements and the other end is the severe chronic constipation that is the end result of a serious problem with the bowel. In some cases, constipation and digestive distress can be taken as a symptom that leads to a serious disorder.

Each individual has a set pattern of bowel movements for themselves. These movements are periodic in a person’s daily routine. For instance, each person will have proper bowel movement at least three times in a week. This is not a set pattern, but the routine generally goes like this. Person having such a pattern for their bowel movements is considered to be healthy. When there is even a small change in this pattern, it is easier for the person to know that something is wrong with their body.

Irregularities in the bowel movements can have its onset in the person’s body due to several factors. No one brags about their regular bowel movements to others, but having the same indicates that the person is in good health. There are a series of factors that add to the improper bowel movement in a person. Some of the top reasons for this condition are,

  • Any form of underlying medical conditions like ulcers, hyperthyroidism and inflammatory disorders.
  • Chronic usage of medications like antidepressants and analgesics.
  • Inadequate intake of water.
  • Abstaining from eating in the name of diet.
  • Reducing the amount of dietary fibres in the daily meal.

Irregular bowel movements can surely be a hindrance for people suffering from it. The condition disrupts the day to day activities of the person and basically the work that the person needs to accomplish goes unattended. This at times brings out the jealousy pangs in them when others boast off about their regularity in their bowel movements. People affected by this condition generally switch over to organic produces for bowel care.

Joy by Nature has quality organic produces that are useful in maintaining regular bowel movements.

Psyllium husk Isabgol

Psyllium is an important source of dietary fibre, mainly for the adults. This soothes the entire digestive system and keeps in check the bowel movements. This is also an excellent laxative. One tablespoon of the dry Psyllium husk is mixed with eight ounces of water and consumed daily either before or after the meal. It is advisable to keep the mixture diluted and extra water can be added to it if it becomes bit thick.

Bowelcare 60 capsules

Each of the 60 capsules is formulated with natural herbs that help in relieving digestive stress along with providing bowel care. Apart from this, the organic supplement capsules are also useful for abdominal cramps and chronic constipation. Two capsules need to be taken twice daily along with the meals.

Herbal Hills Detoxhills 60 tablets

Used as a colon cleanser, the Detoxhills tablets are formulated with the help of four main ingredients; Triphala, Nishottar, Haritaki and Bahavamagaj. Nishottar and Haritaki are purgatives, Bahava magaj is useful for stool formation and Triphala is for digestion. One tablet can be consumed before bedtime along with warm water.

Himalaya Bael 60 capsules

Considered to be sacred, the fruit from the Bael tree is consumed as a food and in some places used as a medicinal plant. This has been known for a long time and has been used for treating dysentery, diarrhoea and other forms of gastrointestinal disorders. This provided all round support and is an effective antimicrobial, laxative, anti-inflammatory agent and also as an antispasmodic. This organic supplement can be consumed along with the daily diet.

All the organic products and supplements are free from harmful pesticides that can add more to the bowel distress. These were produced with no artificial colouring or no chemical agents were added to enhance the taste.


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