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Every single person, no matter what the age, suffers from cough and cold quite frequently in their lives. It is not very serious and can be cure by using some over-the-counter measures. There are hundreds of medications available in the market just for cough and cold. But if you are concerned about what goes into the making of these medicines, it is better that you stick to organic products. Unlike other prescribed and non-prescribed medicines, organic products contain only natural ingredients that your body is well tuned to process. It will not cause any side effects whatsoever upon regular intake. Hence, it is always better to switch to organic products to counter common ailments like cough and cold.

The classic cough and cold


Commonly, cough and cold occur when you have a severe bout of common cold or if you are suffering from the flu. It can also be due to allergies. It usually begins with an itchy throat and slowly you start developing a runny nose, which will be followed by sneezing, fatigue and finally the cough. Now, if you start running a fever, chances are that you have the flu. But majority of the cases are caused by common allergens like dust, pollen, insects, pets, etc.

Allergic reactions are caused due to an overactive immune system. The immune system of your body overreacts to foreign bodies like pollen and dust that enters the body, mistaking them as threats. It then releases chemicals like histamines as a defense mechanism. This leads to the swelling up of the passageways in the nose, resulting in an irritated runny nose, sneezing and coughing. Allergies are not contagious.

The common cold, on the other hand, is caused by a viral infection. The immune system of the body responds to the virus attack, which results in the classic symptoms of stuffed up nose and mild cough. Common cold is highly contagious. When you have an extreme spell of common cold, you might develop itchy eyes and aches at different parts of the body. These symptoms are absent in the case of allergies.

Organic products to fight cough and cold

Most people suffer from cough and cold almost on a daily basis. When you think about remedies to the ailment, stick to organic products because they are safe and as well as effective, unlike it counterparts which generally come with one or two side effects. Following are some organic products that can help you with the matter.


Enriched with all the nutritional qualities of the well-known herb Amalaki, the Organic India Amalaki Capsules are known to be helpful in fight the cough and cold. It will boost your immune system and fight the infection more effectively. The rich vitamin C content of the capsules will provide relief from cough and cold, the natural way. It will revitalize the whole body and free you from fatigue that stems from the cough and cold.



Licorice or Jeshtimush is the root of an Indian herbal plant. It contains powerful natural chemicals that will aid in providing relief from cough and cold. It is an effective remedy for sore throats as well. It has antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antibacterial properties, which makes it perfect for treating cough and cold. It contains only natural ingredients and is completely safe for intake on a regular basis.



Made from Ghandhpura oil and Nilgiri oil, known for its analgesic and antipyretic properties, the Patanjali Balm is an effective remedy to treat cold, mild fever and the resulting body pain. Rubbing the balm over the aching regions will increase the blood circulation around that part, providing relief from the pain. It also contains Eucalyptus oil which has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It will loosen the mucus and provide relief from stuffy nose.



Herbal Hills Sitopaladi Churna is an ayurvedic mixture of traditional herbs and is considered to be and effective treatment against cough and cold. It is made from the herbs banslochan, pip pali, tvak, and elaichi. They are known to have expectorant properties and will help in lubricating the nasal tract and relieve congestion. It is a prefect remedy for ailments like cough, sore throat, sinus congestion, seasonal allergies, etc. It is 100 % natural and safe.


It is very easy to get affected by cough and cold and most people suffer from it regularly. Choose organic products to get relief from it, the natural way. Click here for more respiratory organic supplements.


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