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The liver is an extremely important organ in the human body. It is the seat of numerous metabolic processes. However, the liver is also a very problematic organ. There are numerous ways to combat liver diseases and disorders using natural and organic products and thus ensure a healthy liver. Organic products have been replacing other products in every field especially medicine. There are numerous natural and organic ways to deal with liver problems, including the consumption of organic liver supplements some of which are:


Green tea contains polyphenols which contains a high amount of antioxidants. The role of antioxidants is to block and harmful substances that may cause considerable cell damage and cause disorders. Organic green tea is an even better option due to the absence of any pesticides or fertilizers that may have been added during the growth of the crop.Green tea is said to decrease the risk of liver cancer by a huge rate of 78% and defends against liver cancer development among alcohol drinkers and cigarette smokers. It is also said to inhibit the progression of liver cirrhosis. This organic tea is harvested in accordance with the lunar cycles to obtain high quality and flavorsome tea. So buy your first pack of organic green tea.


Chyawanprash, an ayurvedic tonic is said to have numerous health benefits. Containing sugar, honey, sesame oil and other spices and herbs, Chyawanprash is considered to be one of the best ayurvedic products that have been tested and used by many people. Though Chyawanprash was originally made to retain youth and longevity of life, it has many other health benefits. It is said to purify the blood and eliminate toxins hence cleansing the liver. It also helps to filter out harmful antioxidants in the body, thus reducing the risk of liver diseases. The organic Chyawanprash if taken regularly can do wonders to the health of your liver. Lay your hands on one of the best organic Chyawanprash.


Flaxseed is a food as well as fiber crop that has enormous medicinal value. Some of its functions is to increase immunity, lowers cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart diseases. Another important function of flax seeds is to keep your liver healthy. When fat accumulates over liver cells, it can cause cardiovascular disorders. Flax seeds help combat this problem efficiently. Also, flaxseed consumption increases the bile acid synthesis which results in reduced cholesterol levels that in turn contribute to a healthy liver. Apart from this, it also effectively removes harmful toxins and reduces carbon tetrachloride linked liver injuries. Thus, flaxseed is a multi-purpose boon to mankind and you can find the best flaxseeds here.


Lentils of the legume family have many benefits. Lentils are a rich source of nutrients especially protein and fibers. They have soluble fiber, calcium, iron and B vitamins.Kidney beans help to expel body waste effectively. It also helps to cleanse the body of harmful toxins and reduces high cholesterol levels. Thus, lentils ensure a healthy and toxin free liver. Apart from liver problems, it also helps treat colon cancer and diabetes. They can be eaten in a variety of ways, either fresh or dried and there are many varieties of lentils.


Brown rice is whole grain rice that is much more nutritious than white rice. Whole grains such as brown rice contains a lot of dietary fiber and thus is an excellent detox for the liver. Brown rice also helps fight harmful toxins that can attack the liver and cause damage in the long run. It also keeps a check on the cholesterol levels and thus indirectly helps the liver.

By using these natural foods in your diet as well as consuming organic liver supplements you can keep liver disease at bay and live a happy, healthy life. Click here to know more about liver supplements and where to get them.


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