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It is interesting to know that most of the time, the body becomes susceptible to a disease owing to the lack of strength of the immunity system. So, in order to keep away ailments, prevention is more important than cure, and for that boosting the immunity system is the first thing that needs to be done. People often disregard leading a healthy life and taking care of their body, depending more on chemical drugs. However, that is not a very wise method to follow in the long run.

What Chemical Drugs Do

Be it for any reason, most people immediately make a grab for chemical drugs when they need treatment. Often, they are not aware, or even if they are, ignore the fact that chemical drugs and antibiotics often interfere with the smooth functioning of the immunity system.

For example, if someone catches a cold, the immunity system often runs a slightly higher body temperature in order to fight the virus and expel the harmful toxins from the body. But often a higher body temperature is taken to be a more harmful symptom and antibiotics are taken to reduce the temperature. This not only hampers the action of the immunity system but also frequent intake of such drugs suppresses and weakens its reactionary power. So, later on, it automatically cannot fight back as much against diseases.

Why Switch to Natural and Organic Options

Many natural alternatives are available to boost the immune system and to fight other diseases. The advantages of using natural and organic products as remedies are numerous.

  • The source of organic products are safe- in the sense that no artificial chemicals such as pesticides and insecticides, or artificial hormones are used; so only the pure essence of the ingredients are used to prepare the medical products. No harmful substances enter the body through the medicine.
  • Since chemicals are not used on the ingredients during their growth, the chance of having adverse side effects is also reduced. As it is, for organic products, herbal cures and natural remedies have next to no side effect.
  • All the herbs or other natural ingredients used to make organic medicines have ample medicinal properties. So, apart from the intended action, they often also do the extra work of boosting the immune system and generally keep the body healthy.
  • Not only organic medicines, but including organic supplies into the lifestyle helps incorporate more vitamins, minerals, proteins and other health boosters in the diet.
  • Being natural and organic, these organic products can be taken by people of all age groups, including children. In fact, including a regular portion on organic ingredients in the diet plan of a growing child strengthens their immune system even more, making them less susceptible to common ailments such as cough and cold among others.

Some Natural and Organic Ingredients to Boost the Immunity System

  • Garlic
  • Tulsi
  • Essential Oil of certain plants
  • Eleuthero
  • Asian Ginseng
  • American Ginseng
  • Astragalus
  • Echinacea

The above are only a few of the herbs and plants which are used to make organic supplements to boost the immune system. Natural aromatherapy is another way of doing the same.

Modern busy lifestyle doesn’t always allow us to lead a perfectly healthy life. Increasing work pressure, and as a consequence, stress and less sleep have become a daily part of our routines, not to mention the daily intake of junk food. All these add up to weaken the immune system. Easily available organic products as health supplements, be it in the form of tea, powder, or capsules, are a good option to depend on to deal with this problem.

But just supplements are not enough to keep the body working properly. A proper balanced diet, regular physical exercise, and adequate sleep and hydration are essential for building up a healthy immune system. Also, a physician should be consulted to make sure that the organic products do not clash with any other condition, just to be safe.

It’s about time that you switch to daily intake of organic and natural products to boost your and your family’s immune system and fight seasonal ailments and other more serious diseases.


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