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Brain being one of the most important parts of the body should always be kept healthy and sound. You forget the appointments, lose keys or forget the reason for coming in the room; all these are the signs that it is time to be alert about your memory boosting. Especially in case of kids, early ways for enhancing memory should be adopted to maintain the balanced growth of their brain. Sometimes age problems are also some reasons for the forgetfulness. But the problems to all such issues are to be handled with care in a natural way. Organic and Herbals products available are the best remedy to be applied for this purpose to ensure treatment with balanced hormonal growth. In the long run, the Herbal and Ayurveda capsules may not have any side effects and always show up clear results. Some important Ayurveda foods for memory boosting are sweet potatoes, okra, spinach, oranges, and almonds. Herbal medicines have a variety of brain tonics too.


  • Increase Mental Function

One of the best methods to help your kids boost their memories is to help them do exercise so that their mind starts churning. Brain teasers and brain puzzles are some great puzzles that help to increase the mental function of the brain. Apart from these there are certain herbs and their capsules acting as supplements. Gotu Kula is a herb, which about 1000 mg per day helps in magnifying memory. Ginkgo Biloba is another herbal supplement which helps in stimulating memory powers and improves in circulation of blood to the mind. Exercising and walking helps in churning of mind so that it may give a prompt response and function thoroughly.


  • Oil the Brain Machine

Providing correct oil to the brain and right food helps in protecting the damage of brain cells and keep the memory sharp. Omega-3 fatty acid with the fish oil is the right supplement for the brain. Omega-3 fatty acid capsules are very well in organic shop, but they can be alternatively obtained from foods like cold-water fish, plant and nut oils and English walnuts. Nervous System is highly benefitted from these foods and obviously eating as much almonds as possible is quite favourable for the memory function. Different flavours are also in option to suit the needs of the kids in case of bitter taste.

  • Tea Time

Tea remedies are helpful for the family people where old age related forgetfulness is the main issue. The old people suffer from the age-related memory loss and therefore, are often advised for taking green or black tea. This might also help in purifying the blood flowing inside the body as well as support the memory power and help in enlarging it. Several organic and herbal teas are also present to choose from. Unived ACTIVITEA provides a better option amongst the organic teas  which helps in destroying the enzymes that blocks a neurotransmitter which carries message between brain cells.  Apart from this another Herbal product being vital for memory power and brain function is Organic Tulsi Tea Bags.


  • Vitamins and Natural Medicines

Vitamins are a good supplement for the Brain. Vitamin E is a good source for memory boosting, but remember high dose of everything is very harmful. Consult your doctor before you take the following supplements. Huperzine A is an essential herb for boosting memories and providing greater relief to people but again, it should be wisely taken in proper quantities. Natural medicines are another reference for augmenting the memory power and impart long term benefits. Organic Brahmi 60 Capsules is a product quite useful and helpful in avoiding the forgetful behaviour. Just be pretty sure about the quantities and consult doctor before taking any first step. Go organic and go Healthy.


Organic memory boosters are known to work wonders in boosting one’s cognitive abilities. Help your brain memory in reaching that extra mile with the use of these products.


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