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An extremely common form of discomfort which can occur in almost every muscle tissue in the body, muscle aches and pains are something that almost everyone has experienced multiple times during their lives. The most common forms of muscle pains are caused due to overuse, straining, bad posture, muscle tension or injury during work or exercise. There are also many medical reasons for muscle pain and the treatment for these can differ according to the cause. The various organic products available for the treatment of muscle pain can provide instant relief to the distress caused by the symptoms of muscle pain.

Home remedies for muscle pain relief

Muscle pain can be a cause of discomfort that can persist for days or weeks depending on the type of injury and care. Many types of muscle aches are responsive to home treatments that is, they can be treated easily using home remedies and natural methods. Here are a few home remedies that can be tried to relieve muscle pain:

  • Rest: Ensure that the area of your body where you are experiencing muscle pains gets a lot of rest. Take care not to strain it or damage it any further.
  • Ice: For the first three days after you start to feel pain in an area, applying ice can help to relieve it and also reduce any inflammation.
  • Heat: If the pain persists after three days, then switch to applying heat to the area where you are afflicted by muscle pain, which will help to increase circulation and release tension.
  • Gentle exercise: Performing gentle stretches of the afflicted muscles can help to ease the pain and make it go away.
  • Get rid of stress: A lot of muscle pain is caused by built up stress. Engaging in activities that help to release stress, maybe yoga or meditation can help to relieve your mind and body of tension and consequentially reduce stress-induced muscle aches.

Organic solutions to muscle aches

  • Orthonil Gold Oil by Mahaved

With the power of active ingredients such as Camphora, Satpudina and Long working to protect your muscles from strain and sprains, this powerful massage oil works to relax and strengthen your muscles. Orthonil Gold also contains the extracts from various other herbs such as Gandhpurna and Til which also aid in muscle relaxation and pain reduction.

  • Orthonil Oil by Mahaved

Orthonil Oil is comprised of Hurtful extracts which aid blood circulation and consequently muscle relaxation by increasing blood flow to the tensed or cramped muscle area. It also has Clove oil extracts and Gandhpurna which help to improve the muscle strength and rejuvenates the muscle tissue by building fortifying tissue. The product also contains Camphor extracts and Satpudina which add to its benefits.

  • Orthonil Gold Capsules by Mahaved

The primary ingredient in Orthonil Gold capsules by Mahaved are Gold threads and Ashwagandha which is a herb which is famous for its many beneficial properties including those aiding the healing of respiratory diseases. These capsules contain compounds that aid the building of tissue fluid that surround the joints of the bones and provide lubrication.

  • Orthostop Gold Capsules by Mahaved

Orthostop Gold Capsules contain extracts of Saffron Nagarmotha and Amla which are extremely beneficial in the relaxation of muscles. These extracts contain compounds which work along with Punernava and Ashwagandha to provide a rejuvenating force which allows the damaged or strained muscles and ligaments to repair and heal naturally.

  • Orthonil Capsules by Mahaved

Free of additives, preservatives or any other harmful chemicals, Orthonil capsules are comprised of various herb extracts that are supremely beneficial to the maintenance and repair of muscle tissue. It contains Chobchini and Kuchla extracts which are known to be beneficial to improving muscle strength as well as Suranjan which helps to rejuvenate tired or sore muscle cells.

  • Orthostop Capsules by Mahaved

Comprised of ingredients such as Amla, Anckol and Shikakai, Orthostop capsules by Mahaved are the best organic solution to fighting muscle pain in a natural organic way. These capsules also contain Aloe Vera extracts and peppermint essential oil which help to soothe the muscle tissue and allow greater blood circulation and mobility.

With these solutions, losing a battle with muscle aches will be a thing of the past. To journey a brand new future without worrying about aches and groans, click here to begin.


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