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Infection of the intestines due to bacteria, virus or parasite is a common cause of this condition. Hyperthyroidism, inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and medications are the non-infectious causes which may lead to diarrhea. Ignoring some basic sanitation habits, which includes drinking contaminated water and not washing hands with soap before every meal, are some of the other major causes of diarrhea.

Fighting Diarrhea

In spite of taking care with sanitation, one might still find oneself with diarrhea for many other reasons. Instead of trying the quick-fix antibiotics or drugs that may be prescribed, natural remedies are good options.

To avoid dehydration during diarrhea, one should take water or any rehydration drink frequently. During diarrhea, it is best to avoid roughage-type food for that period. Intake of alcohol or any spicy food, chocolates and caffeinated products should also be stopped and chewing gum has to be kept at bay. Instead, take yogurt and cheese with supplements.

  • Culturing the good bacteria

A normal and healthy intestinal tract has about 400 micro-organisms residing in it. The beneficial bacteria protect it from germs and bacteria that are harmful. Diarrhea is a result of these harmful bacteria out-growing the beneficial bacteria. Therefore, to cure diarrhea, bacterial balance has to be restored. A great way to restore this balance is to take yogurt and cultured and fermented foods. Another great way to restore the beneficial bacteria balance is to take supplements which can play an important role in overcoming diarrhea.

  • Carrots

The many benefits of carrot soup during diarrhea are unknown. This soup has the power to restrict the growth of the bacteria and also prevent vomiting. It can dispel intestinal irritation. In addition, it refills the body with sulfur, calcium, phosphorous, sodium, potassium and magnesium. Last, but not the least, it prevents dehydration in the body. So one suffering from diarrhea, can take this magic vegetable to combat diarrhea and also the other problems that come with it.

  • Edible Clay

Surprised? Who could have imagined that man would be using clay to treat diseases? But clay has been used since ancient times to cure many diseases. Clay is full of essential minerals for the human body. Edible clay improves digestion and helps to overcome loose and watery stools. Prescription drugs might cure diarrhea but, it may not be able to eliminate all the harmful bacteria from the intestinal tract. Including clay in the diet ensures that the system is cleansed regularly.

  • Chamomile Tea

Chamomile, which has antispasmodic properties that help to stop diarrhea, has also been used since time immemorial to deal with intestinal problems. One teaspoon chamomile flowers and one teaspoon peppermint leaves boiled along with a cup of water and drunk three times a day works wonders for the system within a few hours.

  • Cereals against diarrhea

A grandmother’s recipe, rice water or cooked cereals are the best ways to overcome diarrhea. Starchy foods are able to stop diarrhea and are the good remedies. One should make the starch as thick as is possible and should not add either sugar or salt. High fibrous foods should be avoided during this period.

  • Ginger

For immediate solutions, one can chew ginger and swallow it. Ginger is a popular remedy to deal with many types of disorders of the stomach. Normally ginger is crushed, its juice extracted and then added to boiling water which is drunk frequently at intervals to stop diarrhea.

  • Fenugreek Seeds

Diarrhea in adults can be dealt with fenugreek seeds which is a great remedy. Half a tablespoon of the seeds ground with water, if taken, can produce immediate results. Fenugreek seeds, however, is not recommended for children.

  • Lemon and ginger juice

Lemon is a known cure for many common diseases and so is ginger which has medicinal effects on any stomach disorders. Putting them together, results in a strong and natural therapy for many ailments. Equal amounts of ginger and lemon juice mixed with a little-crushed pepper into it can normalize the irregular bowel movements.

Diarrhea may lead to loss of vital nutrients. So one can take control of the situation with natural therapy and treat diarrhea effectively.


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