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Joint pain is something that we all have experienced, whether it is caused by strain or stress to the joint or due to diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. It causes varying degrees of pain depending on the severity, from irritating to immobilizing. Joint pain also becomes more prevalent with age, as the connective tissue in the joints wear down and cause additional friction to occur between the bones when motion occurs. The most effective cure for joint pain, no matter the cause is usually medication, physiotherapy, and natural remedies.

Here are a few organic remedies  you can try to improve joint flexibility and reduce joint pain:

  • Flexibility by Organic India

This product that was designed and developed by Organic India helps to lubricate joints and protect them from excess friction. It also helps to reduce inflammation and aids in improving the ability to move the joints without the need of painkillers. Flexibility  also helps to soothe muscle spasms by acting as a myogenic. It is also effective for the reduction of muscle stiffness and helps to prevent the degeneration of the connective tissue that works in the joints. The product is also free from synthetic chemicals and food additives.

  • Orthonil Gold by Mahaved

Orthonil Gold  is a natural supplement that is very effective in providing relief from pain associated with the joints as well as due to arthritis in a safe and natural way. The major active ingredients are the gold thread, cheeniyakapoor, and sat pudina. It also contains the extracts of Til and Winter Green and together forms a potent formula that is effective in reducing swelling and pain in the joints. It also helps to heal muscle sprains and strains.

  • Orthonil Oil by Mahaved

Combining the powers of Kapoor, Satpudina, Long and Gandhpurna, Orthonil Oil by Mahaved  is an effective solution to the joint aches and pains caused by arthritis as well as due to other causes. Completely natural and 100% organic, this oil helps to rejuvenate the lubricating fluid in between the bones and thereby reduces friction.

  • Orthosure Gold by GRF Ayurveda

Comprising the extracts off Mamira, Shankpushpi, Bach, Kesar and Malkangani, this product is potent for the reduction of joint pain. When used for hot oil massages or rubs it helps to improve the circulation around the area where the pain is concentrated thereby helping the muscles to relax and the pain subsides.

  • Shallaki by Himalaya

Commonly known as Indian Frankincense, Boswellia is the key component of the Shallaki capsules by Himalaya. It is a proven remedy for pain in the joints related to arthritis as well as due to other causes. Containing the extracts of Boswellia, this capsule is efficient for the reduction of pain and inflammation as well as the lubrication of the joints. It also helps in protecting and rejuvenating the connecting tissues such as tendons, ligaments, and cartilages.

  • Orthostop Gold Capsules by Mahaved

The key ingredient in Orthostop Gold Capsules is SwarnBhasm or Gold which along with Chobchini, Amla and Kesar provides the perfect formula for pain relief and for rejuvenating joint tissue. Orthostop Gold Capsules  are also efficient in increasing the blood circulation around tensed muscle areas which helps to relieve muscular pain. It is useful in the treatment of rheumatic disorders as well as osteoporosis. The special action of Orthostop gold makes it efficient in the treatment of joint and muscle stiffness as well as aches and sciatica pain.

  • Arthrohills by Herbal Hills

These soft capsules have the active ingredients as maharasnadiquath and dashamooladiquath which works along with other herb extracts to create a formula that gets rid of pains with ease. It has strong analgesic properties as well as anti-inflammatory properties which help to ease the symptoms associated with arthritis as well as rheumatism.

Joint pain and muscle pain can be agonizingly painful and cause disruptions in our daily lives. By using the natural organic supplements  that you can buy, you will be able to control the effects of joint pains and continue to live a normal, healthy life.


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