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We might be able to trace certain digestive problems to specific meals that we have but, there are other digestive problems that can be very, very persistent. We will be talking about the three most persistent problems of such kind and their respective remedies through organic products that you should keep available.

Continuous Gas Bloating

Passing gas 10-14 times a day is quite normal. But if the frequency exceeds that substantially, and you literally find yourself hunting for places to pass gas a lot of times during the day, these products should come handy:

    • Digestive Enzym: Take a kind of digestive enzyme that constitutes of a mixture of enzymes helpful in breaking down of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.
    • Chamomile: It can be taken in both tea and tincture forms and comes very handy in soothing an upset stomach and relieving the problem of frequent gas bloating.
    • Apple CiderVinegar: Can be taken before meals with water.
    • Ginger tea: Buy it ready-made from the market or make your own by boiling fresh ginger root.
    • Fibre: A non-psyllium fibre supplement taken with regularity can be helpful.


    Indigestion and acid reflux

    Organic products can work like magic to diminish symptoms of indigestion, heartburn or acid reflux without threatening to decrease the level of stomach acid further. Consider these as your regular intake for 3-4 months:

    1. Aloe Vera: Aloe vera juice can be taken with your shake or milk daily.


    1. DGL: 500mg capsules should be taken on a daily basis.

    H Pylori

    Helicobacter Pylori is basically a kind of bacterium that can overgrow when our stomach acidity is low. Overgrowth of H Pylori leads to further reduction in acid levels, which in turn leads to the proliferation of H Pylori presence in the stomach. This can lead to our stomach becoming the breeding ground of other nasty organisms as well. Such presence might ultimately lead to fatal gastric ulcers as well. Enough of the scary part, now for the remedies:

    1. Mastic gum: Can be very helpful in the restoration of desirable and healthy bacterial presence.
    1. Berberine: This natural antibiotic can be of aid in treating H Pylori.
    2. Oregano oil: Can be helpful in both its forms- drop and capsule.
    3. Slippery elm, marshmallow: These natural helpers are also called demulcents and play the role of masons for your digestive tract wall- precisely, helping in its repair work. Many organic brands manufacture capsules that are a blend of these. These can prove very beneficial if taken for 3-4 months regularly.


    Having talked about all that, how can we not mention foods that are known to be good for your digestion on the whole:

    1. Diets high on fiber: chia, flax and acacia.
    2. Omega-3 -6 -9: coconut, flax, hem
    3. Probiotics: rejuvenic, kombusha, kefir, kefir water, coconut kefir.

    An intelligent way would also be to try and pin point the foods that are causing the problems and staying away for them as far as possible. But as already said digestion problems may not always be traceable to food and food habits. No harm in trying, though.

    Some over and above tips to reign in digestion problems:

    1. Exercise: Exercise is like a universal cure. How could digestion problems have played a spoiler by being an exception. Yes, exercise takes care of this as well. Go stretch a muscle!
    2. Manage stress: Don't take too much stress and try staying away from anxiety if you don't want your digestive system to go into a kind of overdrive mode.
    3. Avoid smoking and caffeine over dose: Yeah, we know you are told to get rid of all these to get rid of almost every bad thing in your life. Sad maybe, but that's how it is! Isn't it totally worth, though. Not a bad bargain at all. NEVER!
    4. Limit fatty foods: They make your formula one digestive system a digestive system stuck in some traffic jam. They really slow it down and leave you susceptible to constipation.

    With the help of natural remedies and some organic supplements, you will be able to fix your digestive troubles in no time at all. To begin your new stomach healthy lifestyle with organic stomach supplements, click here.


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