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Most people, when they cross a certain age, fall prey to high cholesterol levels. It is mainly caused due to unhealthy lifestyle and habits and can be controlled with simple tweaks and turns. With no time in hand, more and more people have resorted to fast food with absolutely no time to exercise. There are numerous pills and other medications out there which are used to keep cholesterol levels at bay. But most of them contain components that might prove to be detrimental to our health. There is a healthier alternative that is 100% safe and effective as well. And that is to switch to organic remedies and other natural means to fight cholesterol so that the body will free of the undesirable side effects medications can cause.

How is high cholesterol levels caused?

Cholesterol is a type of fat that is, in fact in the right levels, essential for the correct functioning of the body. There are two types of cholesterol; LDL cholesterol which is bad for the health and HDL cholesterol which is known as the good cholesterol. We need to lower the amount of the former and increase latter. HDL cholesterol also aids in reducing LDL levels.

When LDL cholesterol levels of the body increase, some part of it will remain in the blood unabsorbed. It will travel through the blood stream and get accumulated in various parts of the body such as the heart, walls of the arteries and veins, etc. This results in building up of fat and plaque in the blood stream which narrows down the path for the blood. Naturally, the pressure put on the walls will increase and consequently the heart, being the organ that pumps blood, is loaded with extra work. This extra pressure on the heart can lead to the rupture in the heart, blockage in the arteries, and finally heart attack.

In most cases, high cholesterol levels are a consequence of unsound eating habits and lifestyle. An Increase in the intake of junk food combined with no time to exercise has resulted in a surge in the number of cholesterol patients all around the world.

Natural and organic ways to fight cholesterol

Instead of taking the conventional medications to counter cholesterol, it is always safer to stick to natural and organic methods. It will cleanse the body of toxins and undesirable components and help in regulating the cholesterol of the body. Here are some natural ways you can take care of the cholesterol levels.

  • Start working out

Exercise has lost its importance in our life owing to the tight schedule that we run. This is one of the major reasons for the high cholesterol levels. With the right amount of exercise, you burn that extra cholesterol away and prevent accumulation of fat in the body. Make sure you dedicate more time to exercise in your lifestyle.

  • Eat right

Steer clear of junk food and other fast food items which contain high levels of carbohydrates. Stick to foods that are rich in saturated fat, fibrous content, vitamins, proteins and minerals. Eat at regular intervals preferably at frequent times in small quantities.

  • Reduce weight

Being overweight is one of the major reasons for high cholesterol levels. If you are obese, start taking measure to reduce weight now. Obesity can lead to serious implications to the health of the heart.

  • Alcohol

It has been observed that consuming alcohol in moderate amounts on a regular basis can increase HDL cholesterol levels of the body. This will in turn decrease the LDL levels, which is the bad cholesterol. Do not attempt this if you are not used to drinking already.

  • Add supplements to the diet

Sometimes, the food that you take will not be enough to provide the right amount of nutrients to the body. Hence, taking supplements with your daily diet can help to regulate cholesterol levels effectively. Always be sure to stick to organic supplements as they contain 100% natural ingredients and are healthier.

High cholesterol levels can be a pestering problem when you reach a particular age. Keep it under the reins through natural methods and organic supplements and keep your heart healthy and the body happy. To know more about organic supplements for the heart, click here.


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