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Acidity is a common condition that many people, with no regards to their age, face at some point in their life. This is brought about by the condition where there is an imbalance in the acid that is produced in the inner lining of the stomach. In normal cases, the secreted acid helps in breaking down the food that is taken but in the case of acidity, the acid concentration increases and thereby leads to some symptoms related to the condition like ulcer formation, dyspepsia and even heartburn.

The condition can set in when something goes away out of the ordinary. Be it the dietary changes or changes in the mental health, acidity has its cause. The condition is mostly seen in people who seem to have a very emotional side or who is always nervous. This is also brought about  high level of hypertension and stress which in turn will be reflected in the diet they follow. All these factors constitute to the acidity. Some of the dietary factors that can induce the acid imbalance are,

  • Consuming foods that are completely filled with spices.
  • Over consumption of alcohol on a regular basis.
  • Regular intake of drugs that affects the stomach lining.
  • Skipping a meal or not consuming the required quantity of food.

Apart from these, acidity can also be brought by the excessive secretion of the digestive enzymes. Instead of breaking down the food, these my in turn start to kill the cells of the body.

Research on this condition has by far have suggested that taking up organic foods for acidity seem to have a better effect that the prescription drugs that are available in the market. It has been see that these drugs seem to cause some harm than any good.

Organic foods as a remedy for acidity seem to be the choice of many people. This is a proven method with no side effects. Joy by Nature has many organic supplements for the treatment of kidney disorders and acidity available online.  All the quality organic produces fit in the list of best remedies for acidity.

Unived Digestea

Perfect blend of the herbal leaves of Triphala and Senna, the tea helps in the detoxification of the body and also relieves the digestive stress. Each tea bag is enriched with the Assam and the Nilgiri tea and free from any sort of chemical used for the purpose of enhancing the taste and colour of the tea. The tea bag has the right quantities of soy protein, no gluten and starch. This has proven to relieve the acidity in a person in a short span of time.

Apple cider vinegar

Raw and unfiltered apple cider vinegar has been one of the best remedies for the treatment of acidity. The home remedy has been followed for years and has really proven effective. One tablespoon of apple cider vinegar along with a glass of water once in a day can cure acidity within a matter of few minutes. They are available in glass containers since plastics can lead to the leaching of chemicals into the vinegar when they are stored. 

Baking soda

A perfect remedy for many conditions of the body, baking soda most importantly helps to relieve all sorts of digestive discomfort. This helps to regain the acid balance by neutralising the acid. Half or full teaspoon of baking soda along with nearly 8-ounce glass of water is useful in relieving the most excruciating pain.

Aloe Vera juice

The natural ingredients in Aloe Vera have excellent anti-inflammatory properties that are useful in curing acidity. They also have some laxative properties associated and this organic produce has been manufactured by removing the laxatives in it. Half glass of Aloe Vera juice needs to be consumed before the meals every day. 

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea has proven to have high potency than the prescription drugs available for acidity. Drinking this tea with a little infusion of ginger root before going to bed helps to prevent any form of digestive distress. This kills the bacteria responsible for the condition and maintains the acid balance.

All these organic produces have proven effective and has eliminated the need for drugs to battle acidity. They are safe and have no side effects and are the best option to battle acidity the natural way.


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