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The need to be loved and to be cared by someone special to you, can be included in the basic and inevitable need, not only for your physical pleasure, but also for metal contentment and happiness too. Sometimes, the hectic lifestyle and busy schedules make us feel lost, as if something important is missing. Yes, you might be lacking that drive for passion but deep within, passion is burning hard. With the autumn fall here at your doorstep, ushering wintery nights, unleash your sensual side with some special organic essential oils, bringing excitement and intimacy in to your love life.

Aromatherapy, the practice of using essential plant oils for physical and emotional rejuvenation, is associated with Aphrodite (the goddess of perfume) who makes everything sensuous. Organic essential oils directly affect your senses and consciousness, awakening your desire, both emotional and physical. Romans applied aromatic essential oils to their hair, body and soles of feet. The aromatic organic essential oils releasea specific hormone called Pheromones that affect hormone levels, fertility, aggression and libido. People, regarded as sexy, often give off lots of pheromones, affecting the brains of the opposite sex.The pleasant soothing fragrances of aromatic essential oils travel deep to your brain, stimulating sexual desires, passion, and pleasure, thus relaxing your mind and body.Sex also enhances the level of contentment and attachments with your partner thus strengthen your relationship on a happy note.

Here are some organic essential oils which can surely help you in spicing up your sex life, making you want for more!

  • Cinnamon oil: Sweet and warm oil, with a divine smell, Cinnamon oil is very well known for its calming abilities by improving blood circulation to brain cells. Cinnamon increases desire, creativity and can improve erectile dysfunction and frigidity by enhancing blood flow to penis.It is considered as the oil of sexual harmony and supports the reproductive systems and sorts out many sexual issues of both genders. It helps in nurturing healthy sexual feelings, and also helps in gaining confidence in accepting and enjoying one’s own body.



  • Ginger oil: Ginger is pungent, sweet and warming. It’s stimulating fragrance helps open the heart and is aphrodisiac, even benefiting erectile dysfunction. It improves circulation and depression.
  • Jasmine oil: The jasmine essential oil is sweet, warming, stimulating, rich, sensual and exotic. It is available as an absolute, which is not a pure essential oil. It relieves stress, helps move emotional blocks, calms fear, anxiety, and is mildly euphoric. It has been in used in the art of seduction since ancient times because of its powerful and effective erogenous effect on human senses.
  • Patchouli oil:Sweet, musty, woodsy and warming oil, Patchouli calms anxiety, lifts the spirits, stimulates the nervous system, improves clarity, and attracts sexual love. It is commonly used in medicines which are used to treat frigidity, yeast and vaginal infections, as well as balance libido levels, most likely, by balancing the endocrine glands. Patchouli is antifungal, antidepressant, antiseptic, aphrodisiac and regenerative.Its rich, emotionally warming, and exquisite oil which boosts your confidence and elevates your sexual awareness to a whole new level.
  • Rose Essential oil:Rose is the most commonly used aphrodisiac oil with its rich floral fragrance. It is available as an absolute. Rose is associated with physical and spiritual love and a supreme heart opener. Rose is both sensual and romantic and helps heal grief from emotional trauma. Rose helps one feel happier, relieves anger, jealousy and relationship conflicts. It is good for anyone who feels distanced from their emotional chakras. It is also used also for irregular periods,uterine disorders, menopause, erectile dysfunction, frigidity and low sperm count. Rose is antidepressant, antiseptic and aphrodisiac in nature.


  • Ylang-ylang oil: A very erotic and sweet essential oil, Ylang-ylang is euphoric, relaxes a nervous partner and stimulates the senses. Long used to calm anger, anxiety, fear, frigidity and improve self-esteem,it helps foster a state of peacefulness. Ylang-ylang has been recommended as a remedy for PMS, to balance hormones, improve erectile dysfunction, and orgasmic ability.It has a very calming effect on the body and heart and can relieve those occasional anxious sexual feelings that arise from time to time. Emotionally it really fosters a feeling of love, security and serenity.Ylang-ylang is antidepressant, antiseptic, and aphrodisiac.


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