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Piles or hemorrhoids are caused due to the swelling and inflammation of veins in the anus and in the lower part of the rectum. This is usually caused by an increase in pressure to the veins in the pelvic and rectal area causing blood to pool in the veins which results in eventual swelling of the veins and stretching of the surrounding tissue. To avoid the occurrence of piles, a healthy diet and regular exercise, coupled with organic supplements will be effective.

What to avoid?

If you are suffering from piles, here are the types of foods that you should avoid:

  1. Fibre supplements

Although the consumption of fibre is an effective way for the treatment of constipation, it is not as effective if you are also suffering from an outbreak of haemorrhoids. Fibre helps to build larger stools which then encourage your intestines to pass the stool. When you have haemorrhoids, passing larger stools might be strenuous to your anal cavity and that is why fibre supplements when you have piles are a bad idea.

  1. Laxatives

Having almost the exact opposite effect as the consumption of excess fibre, laxatives will promote loose stools. You may expect that looser stools will pass easier, but these stools are often more acidic and only results in disturbing the haemorrhoids more often than required.

  1. Alcohol


Stop drinking for a while when you want to avoid piles. Alcohol is a dehydrating agent, which means that it can cause constipation which will make it harder for you to pass stool with an outbreak of piles. Also alcohol can upset digestion which can make waste elimination more difficult than it needs to be.

  1. Refined grains

Excessive fibre content is harmful, and excessively refined grains are just as harmful as well. They lack the fibre content that aid proper digestion and therefore make it difficult for the digestive system to deal with them and eliminate them. This means that they can remain in the stomach causing indigestion and stomach pain which will only make your piles worse.

  1. Processed food

The consumption of processed foods can be counterproductive to your intentions to avoid piles. This is because processed foods rarely contain any nutrients or minerals in between all the salt, fats, preservatives and additives and these ingredients will only aggravate your piles more.

  1. Dairy products


Fatty dairy products are difficult to digest and hence promote indigestion which is generally a bad idea but even worse when you are already suffering from piles. Dairy products cause the production of gas in the stomach during their digestion which can contribute to haemorrhoid related pain as well as cramping of the stomach muscles which can further worsen your haemorrhoids.

  1. Salt

Salt is dehydrating and can make any constipation worse which can in turn increase your haemorrhoid outbreak. Excess salt also results in slowing down the process of digestion and makes bowel movements more painful.

  1. Deep fried and Spicy food


Avoiding deep fried and spicy foods is essential if you want to avoid piles. Deep fried foods are more difficult to digest due to their heavy composition and they are also cooked in vegetable oils which can cause inflammation and irritation to the gastrointestinal wall linings. Spicy foods can irritate swollen or bleeding haemorrhoids and make the pain worse.

  1. Iron supplements

Iron supplements are constipating in nature and constipation is not something you want to add on to a haemorrhoids breakout. Avoid consuming iron supplements as well as iron fortified food items when you have haemorrhoids.

What to eat?

  • Low fat yoghurt: A rich source of probiotic bacteria which will promote digestive health and help your haemorrhoids heal in no time at all.


  • Fruits and vegetables: Fresh fruits and vegetables if ripened well are ideal to add to your haemorrhoid friendly diet as they are a rich source of nutrients and vitamins.
  • Whole grains: They contain nutrients and minerals as well as fibres and proteins and can help to build healthy stool that is easy to pass.
  • Lots of fluids: Make sure your fluid intake is high and in the form of water or fruit or vegetable juices. You can also drink herbal teas or soups which will contribute to your fluid intake. Avoid caffeine and high sugar beverages.

By controlling your diet and avoiding the foods that aggravate piles, a painful haemorrhoids outbreak can be controlled and effectively healed. Your diet can also be benefited by the addition of healthy organic piles control supplements that will help to improve your health.


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