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The autumn fall is around the corner. The leaves are blushing pretty red and yellows and it feels good to feel the slight nip in the air. But rather than enjoying the climate, are you worried about your little one, getting frequent shots of antibiotics to protect his respiratory system from getting viral infections? Stop worrying! As for a change, start building up your kids’ immunity from the initial days of winter itself, so that they are capable of fighting off allergies and other respiratory infections in an organic and natural manner. While contagious viruses are active year-round, fall and winter are when children are most vulnerable to infections. This is mainly because during winters kids spent most of the time indoors, thus lacking in Vitamin D or sunlight, leading to spread of germs and diseases.

While common cold, sore throats and fever are just the milder versions of infection, some kids will be suffering from acute respiratory problems where a slight change in environment may adversely affect their health. And such kids need proper medical attention. Symptoms range from a stuffy, runny nose, coughing for up to three weeks, and noisy breathing which can sometimes be accompanied by a low-grade fever. In most young children, it results in a mild respiratory infection. Rhinovirus is the most common virus causing colds in children and adults. Still, there is nothing wrong in trying out natural ways to boost their internal. immunity, thus providing relief for their allergic and respiratory worries.

The adage ’Prevention is better than cure’ can be applied in fighting off respiratory problems in children during these cold wintery days ahead with the help of some organic and natural ingredients which can be included in your kids’ daily lifestyle.


  1. Echinacea: This flowering herb is a very rich source of natural immune-boosting compounds that work almost immediately at the first sign of infection, giving relief to your kid instantly. Commonly referred to throughout history as a "cure-all" herb, Echinacea helps naturally boost the body's own natural levels of properdin, a chemical substance that activates the part of the immune system responsible for warding off bacteria and viruses. Echinacea can also help reduce the severity of existing cold and flu symptoms, and help quickly eliminate such conditions.
  2. Garlic: A powerful immune booster, garlic has also been used for many centuries as a natural remedy for respiratory illness. Long before synthetic antibiotics were invented, in fact, garlic was the medicine of choice for treating infections, as it contains powerful medicinal compounds such as allicin, sulfhydryl and various other sulfur-containing compounds that ward off disease. Adding more fresh garlic to your diet or taking garlic supplements is a great way to fortify your immune system to avoid disease.
  3. Green onion (scallion): A close relative of garlic, the green onion also possesses powerful immune-boosting compounds that make it an excellent remedy and preventive food for respiratory tract infections. Rich in organic sulfur compounds, as well as vitamin C, B vitamins, and trace minerals, green onions are a food you will definitely want to eat plenty of during the winter months.

  1. Ginger: Packed with more than a dozen antiviral compounds, ginger is an excellent herb for both preventing and treating colds and flu. Ginger is especially helpful if you already have a respiratory ailment that you are trying to get rid of, as the herb works exceptionally well at relieving pain and disinfecting the body. Ginger can be taken as tea, brewed into a tincture, or chopped or grated and added to food.

  1. Organic Amla: A natural kit for immunity booster would be incomplete without the inclusion of Amla, an herb that ranks among the most effective remedies for treating respiratory illness. Rich in antioxidant flavonoids, Amla is uniquely suited to both prevent and treat illness due to its unique ability to minimize the swelling of mucous membranes. It is also a powerful anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and anticancer food.
  2. Vitamin C: Though it is sometimes mocked by the mainstream medical system as an inert substance, vitamin C has long been confirmed as a powerful nutrient for boosting immunity and warding off disease. Statistical research has found that respiratory patients who take vitamin C are far less likely to develop colds, pneumonia, and other respiratory infections

For more information on organic ways to fight off respiratory problems in kids, click here.

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