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Muscle pains bother everyone, no matter what the age. It can affect every inch of the body and leave us unable to do any productive work. Instead of taking medicines that contain harmful chemicals to counter it, use organic products and get relief from muscle pain without any side effects. They treat the root cause of the problem and present a long-lasting solution for muscle pain.

What causes muscle pain?


Muscle pains are generally a result of tension and stress, injuries, and overuse of a particular muscle tissue. They usually affect a specific region or a certain group of muscles that have a common purpose. Tension builds up at a particular point in your body due intense activity or over time and causes pain in that area. They are also seen as a result of certain diseases such as viral fever, or as a side effect of the medications that you take. It can also occur as a result of uneven metabolism and dietary irregularities. Sometimes intense physical activities can result in minor wear and tear of the muscle tissues which will lead to pain in the area for some days until it is healed. Diseases that cause muscle pain includes influenza, lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome, dystonia, Lyme disease, polymyalgia rheumatica, fibromyalgia, staph infections, etc.

Organic products that can help:

Switching to organic remedies for relieving muscle pain is not only the healthy alternative, but also will provide a lasting solution for the problem. Let’s take a look at some of the effective organic medicines that can be used to counter muscle pain.


Oils are proven to be an effective remedy when it comes to muscle pain. Applying the oil to the affected area will result in the medicine seeping through the directly into the affected tissues and muscle fibres, providing better results. The Orthonil Gold muscle pain oil is even more effective than ordinary oils, owing to the rich herbal content. It is made from only the finest organic ingredients such as cheeniya kapoor, satpudina, long (Caryophyllus Aromaticus), gandhpurna, and til oil. These herbs have powerful properties that help in repairing the damaged tissues and muscle fibres and thus counter muscle pain. It will provide an effective remedy against any inflammation in the area. Gently rub 3-5 ml of the oil onto the affected part daily to get the best results.


These muscle pain relieving capsules are made from herbs that are known to be effective in fighting the causes of muscle pain. Natural herbs like nirgundi, punernava, ashwagandha, suranjan, lohban, nagarmotha, sonth, kantkari, piplamool, herar, swarn bhasm, chobchini, kesar, amla, kuchla, and nishot gave gone into the making of this organic medicine. These fine herbs have healing properties and help in mending the damaged tissues and fibres of the muscle, providing relief from the gnawing pain. Orthonil capsules contain no harmful chemicals whatsoever and are 100% safe for daily intake. Consuming 1-2 capsules every day with milk or water can render the best results.


The Orthostop Gold capsules are made from the finest quality herbs that are known for their medicinal capabilities. The herbs used to make these capsules includes nagarmotha, sonth, kantkari, piplamool, herar, nirgundi, punernava, ashwagandha, etc. that are effective in providing the proper treatment for the underlying cause of muscle pains. These herbs have wonderful powers that help to accelerate the patching up of torn tissues and damaged fibres of the muscles. With its healing properties, it will provide the much-needed relief from the muscle pains. Taking 1 or 2 capsules daily with milk or water will deliver the best results.

Muscle pains are extremely common and most people suffer from it on a regular basis. What you need is a medication that is effective as well as healthy. Organic products are perfect for it and provide better results as well. Switch to organic products to lead a healthy, natural life.


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