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Piles or  is a prevalent condition among adults. Doctors say that most people suffer from piles at some point in their lives. It is basically caused by the swelling of blood vessels in and around the soft lining of the anus and rectum. It can cause bleeding, severe pain and a lot of other inconveniences and hence need to be treated properly. Most of the treatments and cure for piles that are available in the stores contain harmful chemicals and other synthetic ingredients, which have the potential to cause damage to the body. Hence, there is a need for a safer alternative that can be used to treat piles effectively. This is where the organic products come in. Prepared from only natural ingredients, they are completely safe for regular intake and render all wholesome goodness of the Mother Nature.

What causes piles?


Piles or haemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels in and around the rectal and anal part of the intestinal tract. The walls around the rectum and anus have a very soft lining and sometimes they swell up and cause the veins in the region to be stretched and thin. With each passing bowel movement, this regiongets irritated resulting in pain, bleeding, itching and other symptoms.

Haemorrhoids are classified into two types; internal haemorrhoids and external haemorrhoids. Internal haemorrhoids occur in the inner walls of the rectum and are often not very painful since there are very few pain-sensing nerves there. Sometimes they protrude outside the anus. They usually result in bleeding and eventually recede on their own. If not, it can be gently pushed back on their own. External haemorrhoids, however, can be quite painful. They occur in and around the anal region. Even though they can cause a lot of pain, external haemorrhoids are not very serious and can be cured within a matter of weeks.

4 effective products to fight piles

Let’s take a quick look at some potent organic remedies to treat piles the natural way:


Pilgon capsules are made based on an organic formula that consists of herbs like Kukdi Bhasm, Khun Sosha,Rasont, Shudh Tankan, Katha, Somavkalp Satv, Nagkesar,etc. that are known to be helpful in treating piles. This formula has anti-inflammatory properties and will reduce the swelling of the blood vessels around the rectum and anus. It will also help in stopping the bleeding and provide relief from the pain. It is effective for both bleeding and dry piles as well. made from only the finest quality herbs, they are approved by GMP and is an ISO 9001:2000 certified product.


The Herbal Hills Arsohills tablets are based on an Ayurvedic formulation that contains herbs known to be potent in fighting piles. The ingredients include extracts of Suran, Nagkeshar, Shuddha Tankan, Triphala, Vidang, Chitrak, Senna, Sharpunkha, all of which are powerful herbs with anti-inflammatory properties. A daily dosage of one tablet everyday will help in reducing the swelling of the blood vessels and reduce bleeding. It is a potent laxative and will prevent constipation. The Suran extracts will act as a lubricant and aid in smooth bowel movements. The ingredients are all of high quality and are approved by USDA Organic and India Organic.


Herbal Hills Arsohills kit contains Arsohills 60 tablets, Triphalahills 60 tablets and Guggulhills 60 tablets. These three tablets are based on ayurvedic formulations that aid in the effective treatment of piles. The Arsohills formula contains extracts of Suran, Nagkeshar, Shuddha Tankan, Triphala, Vidang, Chitrak, Senna and Sharpunkha, which are known to be effective in fighting piles. The latter two formulations contain Triphala, which is a combination of the three powerful herbs; Amalaki, Bibhitaki, and Haritaki and a potent herb named Guggul respectively. Intake of one tablet of each daily will reduce the inflammations, aid digestion and control constipation. It is approved by USDA Organic and India Organic.


Made from powerful herbs like Kukdi Bhasm, Khun Sosha, Rasont, Shudh Tankan, Katha, Somavkalp Satv, Nagkesar, etc. the Pilkil tablets will provide relief from both bleeding and dry haemorrhoids. The herbs have anti-inflammatory properties and will help to shrink the swollen blood vessels. They will relive you from the itch and discomfort caused by piles. Taking 1-2 capsules daily will prove to be effective in treating piles. It is approved by GMP and is an ISO 9001:2000 certified product as well.

Piles can cause a lot of discomfort and pain if not treated right. Use organic products to cure piles which will provide healthy and natural methods to fight piles without any side effects.


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