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Bronchitis is an extremely painful respiratory disease that occurs when the mucous membrane in the bronchial tube is infected and suffer inflammation. The symptoms of bronchitis may be similar to that of a common cold in the initial stages but may develop into severe coughing spells and bronchospasms that could cause scarring in the respiratory canal if left untreated. When the patient is prone to allergic reactions towards conventional allopathic medicine, the best way to treat bronchitis is by using organic products.

Diagnosing Bronchitis

Bronchitis is generally distinguished from a common cold or other ailments using the following tests:

  • A chest X-ray may be required in distinguishing between pneumonia and other respiratory ailments.
  • Sputum tests may be performed to test for infections.
  • A pulmonary function test may be conducted to measure your lung capacity to check for asthma and similar diseases.

Natural Cures for Bronchitis

Since bronchitis is caused by a virus, the doctor will not prescribe antibiotics unless there is a high probability that you are suffering from a viral infection. However, if you are worried about the chemicals that you consume when taking a course of antibiotics, you might want to choose natural remedies over prescription drugs or over the counter medicines. The following natural, organic ways have been proven effective in curing and effectively reducing the intensity of bronchitis.

  • Steam inhalation

Taking a steam inhalation is the most effective way to loosen the phlegm build-up within the lungs and sinuses. This can also help to reduce the irritation in your throat and hence reduce your tendency to break into coughing spells.


  • Raw honey

Honey contains antioxidants and nutrients that are essential to repairing your body when it is weak. It helps to rebuild your immune system and also helps to soothe your throat on its way down. Ensure that you consume pure, organic honey for maximum benefit.


  • Garlic and Onion

Both garlic and onion have powerful antiviral and antibacterial components that help to battle bronchitis in a safe and natural manner. For added benefit, consume chopped garlic or chopped onion with honey.

Choosing an Organic Supplement

For those suffering from chronic bronchitis and wishing to enhance their natural treatments with commercially available Organic Supplements, here are a few ingredients that they should look out for:

  • Pushkarmool

When looking for an organic supplement to fight bronchitis, an ingredient to look out for is pushkar moolthatis known for its anti-histaminic and dilatory effect on the bronchi. It also has strong antiviral and antibacterial properties. It is also a potent beta blocker.


  • Pippali

Pippali is commonly used in many organic supplements to treat respiratory diseases due to its strong decongestant properties. It also acts as an analgesic and has a warming effect that helps to dislodge phlegmatic build-up in the lungs.


  • KrishnaTulsi

With many applications in the treatment of asthma, bronchitis and other allergic conditions, Krishna Tulsi is a herb that is considered to be sacred among the herbs used in Ayurveda medicine. Choosing an organic supplement containing Krishna Tulsi is a guarantee of good health in no time at all.


  • Vibhitaki

Vibhitaki or bibhitaki is an herb that has many uses in the treatment of the diseases of the respiratory organs as well as the eyes, nose and throat. It is also one of the ingredients used in the making of the triphala churna which is extremely potent in the treatment of respiratory diseases.


  • Vasaka

Another herb that you should look out for in the ingredients lists of natural organic supplements is Vasaka. Its strong expectorant properties make it ideal in the treatment of bronchitis, cold and cough among other respiratory ailments. Vasakais also known for its anti-inflammatory properties and actions causing the dilation of the bronchi enabling faster recovery.


  • Bansa

With multiple proven benefits in treating respiratory diseases, Bansa is an ingredient in bronchitis supplements that acts as a sedative. It also has beneficial expectorant properties as well as a soothing effect on the throat which prevents cough.


  • Mulethi

Mulethi or liquorice is used in the natural treatment of chest congestion and for relieving cold, cough and sore throat. It also has a bonus of boosting the immune system and when used in combination with other herbs, helps to support their efficiency.

By using entirely natural means, the treatment of bronchitis can be done in a healthy and safe way for the body in the long term. Begin improving the efficiency of the natural remedies of your choice with the use of organic supplements by clicking here.


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